Port loading station

Perfect protection for complex requirements

Turret extinguishing systems improve safety for people, machines, and the environment during loading or unloading of flammable liquids and gases.


This page provides information about extinguishing systems for port loading stations.


Impresses with

  • Rapid smothering of flames
  • Large action radius of the turrets
  • Easy operation

Initial situation

Explosions and large fires may occur when loading or unloading flammable gases and liquids such as petroleum. This not only represents a significant hazard for people in the surrounding area, but may also cause damage to ships, trains, loading platforms, and the environment.
As a result, the requirements for stationary extinguishing systems are very high, including rapid deployment when needed and efficient operation.

Extinguishing system

The extinguishing system for the protection of loading terminals and ships consists of mast-mounted turrets. All critical areas can be effectively protected thanks to the wide action radius of the turrets. Depending on the situation, foam or water can be used for extinguishing.
The turrets' long throw ranges ensure that a burning loading station can be extinguished from a safe distance. The foam forms a stable blanket on the burning object and smothers the flames through oxygen deprivation.


The turrets are operated manually on the turret itself or remotely by joystick.

Since escaping liquid can easily spread within the port, the space underneath the dock is protected with foam cups.