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Extinguishing system for high rack warehouse protection at Vosschemie

Vosschemie GmbH has been producing plastics at their site in Uetersen near Hamburg for over 60 years. Highly flammable chemicals are required for the manufacture, which are stored in high rack systems. Handling the chemicals in the warehouse harbors numerous risks which could trigger fires. Rosenbauer has developed a stationary fire protection solution for this, which extinguishes the fire before it even has a chance to break out.

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Impresses with

  • Extinguishing success via fluoride-free foam compound
  • Verification of extinguishing success confirmed through a fire test by an independent testing institute
  • Operating time: 60 min.

Initial situation

Highly flammable chemicals are required for the production of plastics, and these chemicals are stored in high rack systems. In the company's newly constructed warehouse hall, up to 5,000 chemical substances are stored on over1,000 pallet spaces. Polyester resins, solvents, and solvent-based substances are housed here in drums and IBC containers on four levels.

Often, even minor inattentiveness can have devastating effects and cause the solvents to ignite. Without countermeasures, the warehouse hall would soon be fully ablaze within a short period of time. People could be endangered as a consequence, the environment polluted for a long period of time, operations interrupted, and repairs as well as cleanup work with high costs and expenditures may ensue. This must be prevented early on and effectively.

Customized extinguishing system

In the warehouse hall of Vosschemie, top extinguishing performance with fast fire detection is the most important task that the new stationary fire protection system has to fulfil.

The solution: compressed air foam instead of expansion foam

The benefits of compressed air foam compared to conventional expansion foam lie in the substance itself and the way it is applied. With compressed air foam, only the flammable material and its surroundings are covered, cooled, and extinguished, as opposed to the whole room. This allows for highly targeted firefighting and also requires significantly less extinguishing agent. Also, fire crews can see where the seat of the fire is and can thus intervene at any time to rescue people from the danger area.

In contrast to a sprinkler system, which only suppresses the fire until the emergency personnel arrive, the CAF system completely extinguishes the fire. The storage area is comprehensively protected. Operating failures and large-area damage from extinguishing water is prevented.

Nearly all Rosenbauer extinguishing systems are based on the innovative CAFS compressed air foam system: It has the following characteristics:

  • Consistently stable foam quality
  • Foam sticks to hot surfaces - also vertically
  • Rapid smothering of the flames through oxygen deprivation
  • Deep penetration into the burning material by reducing the surface tension of the water
  • Increased burn-back safety and sustainable cooling thanks to compact CAFS foam structure
  • Lower application rates for efficient fire fighting and limiting water damage
  • Multiplied extinguishing agent quantity through active foam expansion to CAFS (compressed air foam)



Vosschemie GmbH

Over 60 years of experience, competence, and know-how have turned the medium-sized plastic producer Vosschemie from Uetersen near Hamburg into a world leading manufacturer of polyester fillers. The medium-sized company is specialized in the manufacture of thermosets – plastics made from hard, amorphous, insoluble polymers. As a family-operated company, Vosschemie independently develops products for refinishing automobiles and care products for yachts as well as industrial solutions.

Well-known companies from the automotive, aerospace, composites, energy and paint & varnish industries as well as retailers who offer DIY products in the areas of construction chemistry, boat refitting, and wood protection take advantage of the benefits of the innovative products from Vosschemie.