See more. Know more. Better decisions.

Those who know more make better decisions. This is especially true for the fire department and its rescue operations. This is why Rosenbauer has decided to support fire departments in their work with drones from now on. These flying sensors make it possible to get a very quick overview of operational scenes and for example, locate hotspots or detect hazardous substances.

This is a giant step forward in terms of awareness-raising work, safety and is also extremely cost efficient. Together with DJI, the world's leading company in the field of civil aerial imaging, Rosenbauer offers high-performance hardware that is perfectly integrated into the Digital Solutions System.

Rosenbauer & DJI

  • Cooperation between leading manufacturers of fire and drone technology
  • Linking the air perspective and the mobile deployment management system
  • Digitization for faster assessment of the situation and more informed emergency services

Integration in RDS Connected Command & Connected Fleet

On-site support

The Rosenbauer mission management system supports the rescue workers on site with relevant information such as fire protection cards, hazardous substance data or vehicle rescue sheets. Information from DJI's drone fleet management software FlightHub is seamlessly integrated into the Rosenbauer system and provides additional visual and thermal data (depending on the drone or sensor used) to the decision-makers of the operation.

Full integration

This information can then be forwarded to the operational units on site on a tablet or displayed on monitors in the command center in order to give the emergency services a complete overview of the situation. In this way, informed decisions about the efficient and safe use of resources such as personnel, vehicles and equipment can be made in real time.


Universally applicable. Technically forward-looking.

Various DJI drone models offer full integration into Rosenbauer's digital solutions such as RDS Connected Command:

  • M30 Series
  • M300

DJI drones impress with:

  • Extensive adjustable parameters
  • High resolution
  • Zoom camera
  • Modular accessories
  • Secure data transfer
  • Light weight


More information about the DJI drones: M300, M30T