Electronically controlled turret for STINGER HRET

The Rosenbauer RM65 turret has the largest range of motion for the STINGER HRET. The turret nozzles of the RM65 have, both vertically as well as horizontally, a total rotation range of 180° and permit continuous adjustment of the stream patterns from solid jet to spray jet. With the integrated quantity adjustment, you can choose between full and half output. The RM65 has a maximum output of 6,000 l/min water and 15 kg/s powder through the Rosenbauer ChemCore nozzle.

Impresses with

  • Small size
  • Wide range of motion
  • High water flow
  • ChemCore nozzle

High flow rate

  • Up to 6,000 l/min at 10 bar water or water-foam compound mixture 
  • Up to 15 kg/s through the Rosenbauer ChemCore nozzle.

Suitability for various extinguishing agents

  • Water
  • Water-foam compound mixture (non-foamy)
  • Water and powder combined (ChemCore nozzle)

Excellent throw range

  • 90 m with water at 6,000 l/min with STINGER in the idle position

Simple, intuitive operation

  • Operation of the turret integrated in STINGER operation
  • Joystick-in-joystick operation
  • Turret operable in parallel with STINGER


  • ChemCore nozzle
  • Camera on the turret
  • Combined water-powder nozzle
  • Completely integrated into the turret
  • Stream adjustment functionality is retained
  • Water quantity adjustment functionality is retained
  • Maximum water quantity 6,000 l/min at 10 bar
  • Maximum amount of powder 15 kg/s
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  • Integration of daylight or night vision cameras
  • Camera moves with turret - operator receives image from point of view of the turret
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