Rescue and aerial operations

Highest safety for passengers

Especially at civilian airports, the safety and protection of passengers is the main role of the fire departments. With the new widebody aircrafts like the Airbus A-380 or the Boeing 747-8, this presents ever more difficult tasks for the rescuers. In the event of aircraft evacuation they must bring a high number of passengers to safety, as safely as possible.

For these occasions, Rosenbauer has developed standard products, like aerial ladders and hydraulic platforms, but also special tools, like escape stairs, with the new aircraft sizes in mind.

Impresses with

  • Maximum safety and protection of passengers
  • Fast rescue operations at high elevations
  • Special tools and escape stairs for Airbus A-380 and Boeing 747-8
  • Efficient aircraft evacuation and rescue

Aircraft evacuation

Aircraft evacuation using escape stairs - Rosenbauer

Vehicles for rescue

Airport aerials & vehicles for rescue - Rosenbauer