Firefighting and rescue operations

Extensive support at the airport

Aircraft rescue and firefighting operations are not just on the airfield. An average airport often records more building fire operations than airfield operations. Which is why it is an absolute necessity for many airport firefighters to also have a range of firefighting and rescue trucks available in addition to the mainly officially mandated CRF vehicles.

Rosenbauer offers a complete product range for this, from the smallest vehicles with a lightweight design and airport rescue trucks for building fires, right through to rescue and recovery vehicles.

Impresses with

  • Wide range of firefighting and rescue vehicles
  • Specially conceived for the requirements of airport firefighters
  • Integrated solutions for any dangerous situation
  • Maximum extinguishing performance and safety

Firefighting and rescue vehicles

Aircraft rescue and firefighting in operation - Rosenbauer

Tank firefighting vehicles

Airport fire apparatus CBS series - Rosenbauer

CBS design


Compact emergency vehicles

Compact airport rescue truck - Rosenbauer

Rescue vehicles

Airport rescue truck in use - Rosenbauer

Tank firefighting vehicles

Airport rescue and firefighting with AT series - Rosenbauer

AT design