Even closer to the customer

Rosenbauer has been providing maximum efficiency and safety in stationary fire protection for years. With turnkey solutions and stationary extinguishing systems individually adapted to each operational situation, Rosenbauer protects people, buildings and machines and prevents incidents from becoming emergencies. In order to be able to work, develop and plan in closer proximity to our customers, Rosenbauer leveraged its expertise in stationary fire protection even more and on September 9, 2016 founded Rosenbauer Brandschutz GmbH.


Nearly 150 years of experience in the area of firefighting equipment as well as ongoing research and development make Rosenbauer the technology and innovation leader in system technology fire protection. Many companies like Tönsmeier and Liebherr as well as cities and municipalities rely on the extinguishing power of indoor, turret, and tunnel extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer. With success came growth. It was high time for a change of perspective.

The highest degree of power and safety into the future

To rise above the status quo and be able to react more openly and with more flexibility to the requirements of customers, Rosenbauer has continued to expand in the area of stationary fire protection. The range of products has been refined, the focus on services intensified, and more space for innovations has been created. The product area alone was no longer sufficient from this new perspective. The logical move: “Rosenbauer stationary fire protection” became “Rosenbauer Brandschutz GmbH.” The new company develops individually adapted turnkey solutions in collaboration with customers. Stationary extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer excel where sprinkler  and spray water systems do not offer sufficient protection. The connection to the fire detection­ systems allows the Rosenbauer extinguishing system to react within seconds and literally extinguish the resulting fire before it takes hold. In this way, major fires and damage in halls, tunnels, and large spaces are prevented from the outset. In line with the company motto “Faster than Fire,” Rosenbauer Brandschutz GmbH offers optimal extinguishing systems with high extinguishing power and an individual consulting service. The fire protection experts from Rosenbauer develop customized extinguishing system concepts for individual protection, together with those responsible for fire protection in your city administration  or company as well as the responsible engineering offices, insurance firms, and authorities.

What's to stay – what's to come: the formal aspects of the company formation

As of September 1, 2016 and with retroactive effect on January 1, 2016, Rosenbauer Brandschutz GmbH, under the management of Dipl.-Ing. Hubert Heissl, is the singular successor of the “stationary fire protection” company division with all of its rights and duties. Customers will not experience any changes to the operational process. Addresses, contact persons, e-mails, telephone numbers, tasks, and processes all remain the same. And, of course, all stationary fire protection employees will be working for the new company. Existing customers and open contracts will be carried over. As such, order processing has been handled by Rosenbauer Brandschutz GmbH since September 1, 2016 with no changes.

The goal and mission of Rosenbauer stationary fire protection is to always be better and provide customers with the highest possible level of safety, efficiency, and quality. With the establishment of its own company for this important sector and its service offerings, Rosenbauer has created new opportunities to develop innovative systems for optimal protection and reliable prevention.