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March 14, 2017
New RLFA 2000 for Mondsee Volunteer Fire Department

Compact all-rounder

New in action
New L32A-XS for Landshut
TLF 2000 for Chongqing
The new EMEREC applications
More than 700,000 Rosenbauer helmets in use around the world

When speed is of the essence

Inside Rosenbauer
Escape stair in operation
Mobile software applications in overview

Extinguishing fires with air

Inside Rosenbauer
Tactical ventilation with the FANERGY
February 14, 2017
Three aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles for Colombia
Mobile decontamination systems for South Korea
EMEREC in action
TSF-W for the Roggden-Hettlingen Fire Department
Overview of twelve megatrends
November 23, 2016


The new C-Series turntable ladders
The new FIRE FIT 2 protective suit

Compact power pack

New in action
New RF-Kran for the Bad Mühllacken volunteer fire department

EMEREC in use

Did you know that...
Testimonial from the Pertisau volunteer fire department

New in action

New in action
Highland Fire Truck of the Linz professional fire department

Practical tip

Practical tip
Simple means for effective protection and quick cleaning at the scene of the emergency
The third Rosenbauer customer centre in Germany will become operational in February 2017.
October 19, 2016

The new FOX

Lighter. Stronger. Better.
New vehicle series


Broad spectrum of application
Better vision. More safety. More options.

AT success story - Part III

Inside Rosenbauer
Case Study Bharat Forge Aluminiumtechnik

Practical tip

Practical tip
Care for & maintain PPE against falling
September 7, 2016
Difficult deployment in rough terrain

The AT

Inside Rosenbauer
Indispensable for 20 years - Part II
Immerse. Experience. Discover.

Rosenbauer awarded

Did you know that...
Austrian National Award "Company for Families"

Available now

New Rosenbauer accessory in online Fanshop