More uses, less effort: practical details of the RS 14

The toughest operations under the most difficult conditions - these are what Rosenbauer's equipment is designed for. The dark, weather conditions, and dangerous situations can push emergency crews to their limits, even with the latest technology. Often, practical elements are what bring a great deal of relief. What is an example? The RS 14 power generator comes with many useful features that provide great benefits during operational use.

A scenario with which many fire departments are regularly faced: floods. These don't only affect brigades that operate in the vicinity of larger bodies of water. Microscale flooding after heavy thunderstorms can happen almost anywhere. In both large and small operations, floods are often a particular challenge for firefighters: roads are impassable, the weather is usually very bad, and emergency sites are often difficult to reach. When people are at risk, quick action is essential.

If access to the emergency scene cannot be made using a fire-fighting vehicle, heavy equipment must often be transported manually. It is often the case that several people are required to carry pumps, power generators, and other equipment.

Saving power and faster transport

A remedy for such situations is the wheelset available as an accessory for the RS 14. This can be fitted to the power generator with just a few clicks, and makes transport far, far easier. Instead of requiring the strength of four people to carry the RS 14 to the scene, the generator can now be transported via this power-saving method. A further significant advantage: Thanks to the wheel set, quick deployment and rapid withdrawal are made possible. In flood operations, water levels may rise and fall very quickly. The wheelset is not only for use on the RS 14, but can also be used to transport the hydraulic rescue equipment efficiently and quickly.


Perfect scene lighting

Large flood operations may take several days, and thunderstorms with heavy rains may also make fire fighting operations in the middle of the night necessary. Therefore, you need to be prepared for night-time operations. Not only is the handling of equipment more complicated in the dark, but firefighters are also endangered by cables and hoses lying around, as well as natural hazards. For such situations, there is always the possibility of attaching a light head to the RS 14 . The LED panels for the RLS1000 and RLS2000 can simply be plugged into the corresponding holders of the generator and connected by cable to the designated RLS socket. Due to the excellent light output of the light heads, all action at the drafting point is easy to see, with the light head not only facilitating the operation of the generator, but also all other equipment in the vicinity.


Emergency operation and emergency stop switch

The top priority for the operation of Rosenbauer equipment is maximum reliability. Therefore, the RS 14 is equipped with an emergency operation switch. If this is switched to "On", the electronics responsible for starting the power generator are deactivated. The device can then be easily started using the pull starter. Thanks to this system, emergency crews can therefore rest easy knowing that the power generator can be started even with electronics problems or a dead battery. In dealing with live equipment, dangerous situations can arise. With the emergency stop switch, which is arranged next to the display of the RS14, power generation can be stopped with just one touch in order to protect the operator and crew in difficult situations.

The RS 14 is an essential piece of equipment, which has impressed many fire departments in various missions with its enormous practical benefits and ease of use. The many practical details not only contribute to enhanced usability, but also bring about operational and time savings, and greater safety for emergency crews.