Become an aerial rescue pro with Rosenbauer

Good training is the foundation for working safely and efficiently during operations. This is also true for aerial rescue devices. They require a high degree of training and practice to maximize their functions for one, but also to avoid or master dangerous situations. Rosenbauer offers a comprehensive worldwide training program for aerial operators in order to best prepare them for their role.

For beginners and pros

Anyone who wants to operate aerials in the future will start with the "Aerial rescue device operator training" and learn about the fundamentals of safe operations with aerials ladders. Experienced operators can deepen their knowledge in extensive training sessions. Further training sessions are suitable if you wish to pass on your knowledge to your firefighting colleagues. Technical training is especially recommended for all those who maintain equipment. Individual training and perfection training are also in great demand.

Focus on tactical and operational training

Not without reason, in Germany there is a training recommendation from the "Working Group of the Heads of the Professional Fire Departments (AGBF)" for aerial rescue operators. Formally, this only applies for Germany but the contents can be transferred to the operation of aerial rescue devices all over the world. Rosenbauer has therefore incorporated the complete contents of this recommendation in the training program and offers a total of 35 hours of extensive training for aerial rescue operators. In four days you learn about the fundamentals of operation, technology, and legal aspects right through to operational tactics of the most diverse aspects in handling aerial rescue devices. Training takes place either in Karlsruhe or on-site at the respective fire department.

The experts at Rosenbauer ensure that this training course will provide you with the maximum possible qualification on the topic of aerial rescue. This includes not only complete A to Z training, but also future-oriented, reliable, and verifiable qualification for your colleagues who perform operations. To quickly and efficiently master complex operational situations – that is the declared aim of the tactical and operational training. The aerial rescue trainers themselves are all active fire fighters who have a lot of operational experience. This makes them the best suited experts in this area, who during training also willingly tackle personal questions and individual details.

In addition to this extensive training, there are also individual modules that you can complete. The "Tactics in aerial rescue operation" course has the aim of making the best use of modern technology in operations. In the context of the "Fall protection in aerial rescue operations" training, above all safety aspects for rescuing people and different operational scenarios are the focus.

With the comprehensive training program from Rosenbauer, not only do you have the possibility of operating aerial rescue devices efficiently, but also of increasing your own safety and that of your colleagues in practice and in operation by training and further education. You can find all the details of the aerial rescue training sessions on our Website.