Toughness test and continuous operation: NAUTILUS in unusual applications

The fact that the NAUTILUS submersible pumps were built for the toughest of operations – even for floods, is proven by them regularly. In Indonesia, the unusual capabilities of the submersible pump are also being used for another purpose: for example, for months of continuous use in a paper factory or on the grounds of a water park in the capitol Jakarta.

Draining a waste water pool

It runs and runs and runs. A NAUTILUS submersible pump has been in continuous operation for months in one of Indonesia's largest paper factories. And under the toughest of conditions. The pump is being used to drain the waste water pool. Which is full of a mixture of water and paper fibers. In this challenging task, the NAUTILUS 4/1 can show off its powerful pump output. The particle screen of up to 8 mm is also a significant factor when pumping out the heavily contaminated water.

Airport operation

At the international airport of Jakarta, Indonesia's capitol, two NAUTILUS 8/1 submersible pumps are at work. Reliability plays a crucial role here, as after all the pumps keep the underground room dry, in which the most important electronic panels of the airport are stored. The use of both submersible pumps is indispensable here as groundwater keeps penetrating. The pumps are fitted with a float switch: as soon as the water rises above a certain level, the pumps automatically switch on. The flat suction device is extremely practical for this use, which allows the NAUTILUS 8/1 to pump out water down to a few millimeters without having to remove the suction screen or making other adjustments.

Use in water park

A NAUTILUS also fulfills an unusual purpose in a well-known water park in Jakarta. The 5 hectare Ancol Water Park is popular with its visitors due to its spectacular water slides, wave pools, and much more. The NAUTILUS submersible pump ensures that the green areas of the water park are not too wet. They are used to drain gardens, meadows, and playgrounds on the complex. This is especially necessary during the rainy season, but also when powerful waves flood the complex. Thanks to the pump performance of the NAUTILUS, the water is only where it's supposed to be in the Ancol Water Park.

NAUTILUS submersible pumps: light, powerful, and easy to operate

Thanks to its sophisticated design, the NAUTILUS submersible pump scores with several features. The output is significantly higher than the value required by the standard. With a one-bar pressure, the NAUTILUS 8/1 manages 935 l/min (247 gal/min), the smaller NAUTILUS 4/1 still manages a respectable 510 l/min (134 gal/min). Thanks to the integrated flat-suction device, water can be pumped out down to just a few millimeters. The large particle screen of 10 mm (NAUTILUS 8/1) or 8 mm (NAUTILUS 4/1) also allows heavily contaminated water to be discharged. During the design of the NAUTILUS, it was made sure that it had slim profile. So it can be deployed even in small spaces. Whether the pump is standing, lying down, or completely immersed doesn't matter: the NAUTILUS pumps reliably in all positions. When designing the submersible pump, electronics that were susceptible to failure were consciously avoided. The NAUTILUS 8/1 is operated with three-phase AC current, the smaller NAUTILUS 4/1 with 230 V; there is also a 120 Volt version for markets like England. Additionally, the submersible pump series was expanded with the NAUTILUS 4/1 ECO, which can also be operated with smaller generators from 3 kVA. This is also made possible by the lower starting current that these pumps need.

That the NAUTILUS submersible pumps can perfectly play out their advantages in operation has not least been shown by the unusual applications in Indonesia.