FIRE MAX 3 IRS: The protective jacket with an integrated rescue system

Best possible protection with optimum wear comfort: Provided by the FIRE MAX 3 protective suit from Rosenbauer. The new IRS (Integrated Rescue System) version of the protective jacket in combination with a built-in safety belt also creates new possibilities in the areas of self-protection and self-rescue.

FIRE MAX 3 protective clothing is the product of choice for the toughest of firefighting operations and safety of the highest level. Rosenbauer have developed the proven FIRE MAX 3 protective jacket even further: The special IRS version offers the option of fitting the jacket with an integrated rescue belt or a rescue loop. It is therefore possible for fire fighters to quickly and easily secure themselves in an operational situation and, in extreme cases, even to carry out self-rescue by rappeling.

Integrated rescue system

What makes the IRS version of the FIRE MAX 3 protective jacket special is the inside tunnel sewn-in at chest height. An optionally available safety belt with a carabiner can be pulled into this. Velcro fasteners are provided on the tunnel openings through which the ends of the 85 mm wide aramide belt can be easily pulled out. With the Triplelock HMS aluminum carabiner (tested according to EN 362) you can secure yourself without any problem, for example when climbing a ladder. The Triplelock fastening system of the carabiner is designed so that it can be operated with one hand but does not open on its own under any circumstances. The safety belt, which is certified in accordance with EN 1498 Class A and EN 358 standards, also allows for self-rescuing and rappelling in case of emergency.

The comfortable alternative to the standard safety belt.

The incomparable wearing comfort of the FIRE MAX 3 jacket is not impaired by the inserted safety belt. The wearer of the jacket hardly even notices the belt, and this additional feature has no visual impact on the protective jacket either. In comparison to the standard safety belt, which buckles around your hips, this belt and the carabiner are at chest height.

Better visibility through reflective stripes

Another advantage of the IRS jacket is the extensive reflective striping. Just the jacket alone (without the pants) correspond to Appendix B of EN 469. That is the requirement regulating the minimum proportion of reflective and fluorescent materials on operational clothing. In some countries you are exempt from having to wear a warning vest if you wear the FIRE MAX 3 IRS protective jacket. The jacket is also equipped with a robust quick-release zipper.

All FIRE MAX 3 protective suits are available in three different versions: Nomex Tough in either dark blue or gold is used as the exterior material. Alternatively you can choose the PBI matrix exterior material in gold-yellow. Jacket and pants are available in sizes 40-42 to 60-64, each in three different lengths.