Did you know, that...
...firefighting vehicles can also have a facelift?

The chassis of the firefighting vehicle was spared rust, the engine still runs smoothly - but the equipment and the bodywork are no longer up to date. Time for a general technical overhaul at Rosenbauer. A vehicle that still works perfectly does not have to be decommissioning after 20 years. It is possible to breathe new life into these vehicles in the form of more modern technology and thus make them effective emergency vehicles once more. 

New from old

Years of demanding operations leave their mark on the paint and bodywork. Rosenbauer performs a wide range of refurbishment work on your vehicles and equipment. From body module to chassis, Rosenbauer has the best available solutions for all refurbishment needs. With a general technical overhaul vehicles are renovated from the ground up. Any damage to the chassis is repaired, corrosion removed from the driver's cab and crew cab and it is repainted.
But the main difference between a vehicle that is a couple of years old and an overhauled one is primarily the equipment: all newly installed components come from the newest product programs at Rosenbauer. The vehicle is once again state-of-the-art after the general technical overhaul. The tactical usage value of such as vehicle can naturally be immensely increased by this. And also by the way the appearance is changed in such a way that it's nearly impossible to guess the vehicle's real age.

New fixtures for new requirements

Requirements change. The retrofitting of extinguishing systems, stowage and device manipulation systems makes it possible to better meet new challenges. Rosenbauer routinely retrofits vehicles with new extinguishing and lighting towers, water monitors, mixing systems, or stowage for new equipment. Conversions are also made Stowage systems with rotating compartments, storage for breathing apparatuses or sliding trays are optimized with a more functional arrangement. The equipment compartments are adapted to the new equipment with a custom conversion.
How exactly you would like to equip your vehicle during a general technical overhaul is of course up to the individual fire department. The interior and storage space can be fitted with the most modern LED technology, as can the vehicle's scene lighting.

Metz: used aerial ladders as good as new

At Metz Aerials too, suitable vehicles are adapted to today's requirements by refurbishing them.  They are fully refurbished and therefore can be offered as a completely optimized package at particularly attractive conditions. The customer basically gets a used vehicle with the quality of a new vehicle for a small price.  Reworked and completely refurbished, even older vehicle types provide many years of reliable service and meet the requirements of ultra-modern operational scenarios. The highly qualified and experienced technicians can rework the work cage, ladder, jacking system, turret and everything else that is needed. This is how Metz provides maximum safety and optimum usability in operation.