Did you know that...
… there's a portable fire pump for exercises and competitions?

At fire department performance competitions, the goal is to carry out standardized firefighting as quickly as possible without making any mistakes. Many fire departments take these competitions very seriously and invest a lot of time in exercises and training.

Specially developed for exercises and competitions

The FOX Competition was specially developed for exercises and competitions and is an exact replica of the FOX III portable fire pump. At first glance, you can detect virtually no differences. It has a number of advantages: On the one hand the portable fire pump can stay in the vehicle during exercises while the FOX Competition is being used. Thus you are ready immediately in an emergency. And on the other hand, at 50 kg, the FOX Competition is much lighter than the original at around 150 kg. The A-suction inlet and the two B-pressure outlets are incorporated in the original layout and height, so that the exercise is realistic. The screw-down valves are limited to four turns, as in the firemen competition. Even the handles were taken from the original. Glass-fiber reinforced plastic runners or the reinforced floor allow both the transport from a slide tray in the fire fighting vehicle as well as loading using a forklift truck.

Differences from the original

In contrast to the original FOX, the Competition is made completely from glass-fiber reinforced plastic, apart from the suction inlet and the pressure outlets. It does not have a motor, meaning it is not functional and designed purely for exercise and competition purposes. Instead of the motor, after opening the cover you have room in the FOX Competition that you can weigh down with sand bags and filled canisters. This way the total weight of the original FOX will be reached.
The smell of gas is not a factor as the FOX Competition has no fuel tank. Thus the dummy can be used for exercises in buildings (for example in winter, in the dark or in poor weather) without reservations.


The FOX Competition is already being used in fire department competitions. Here, the FOX Competition can really play to its strengths and it impresses through the exact same shape and dimensions as the original FOX III.