Rosenbauer honored with "ineo" award

Rosenbauer has recently been recognized as an ineo company for exemplary commitment to trainee training. "ineo" stands for Innovation - Sustainability - Commitment - Orientation (in German). The Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce only rewards those firms with this seal of approval, who put special emphasis on incorporating those values into their apprenticeships.


What impressed the Chamber of Commerce most was the high quality of the training and the advancement of girls in technical trades. But the numerous opportunities for further training, grants for special achievements, and the many excellent teaching qualifications had a positive effect on the evaluation as well.

Rosenbauer is very popular as a training center for young people. In fact, every year more young people apply than can actually be accepted as apprentices. In addition, most apprentices want to stay in the company after completing their apprenticeships, which is also possible in most cases. This shows that young people feel at home at Rosenbauer and can also see their future there. The fact that the apprenticeships are of such high quality is above all due to the trainers, who are working on behalf of the apprentices every day and are highly motivated in taking part of the eduction of these young people.


Apprenticeships at Rosenbauer are in great demand. The application deadline for 2015/2016 is already on. Apply online between now and January 31, 2015.