Rescue stairs

E8000 / E5000 

Fast access. At any height.

The rescue stair is a specially developed operational vehicle for rapid evacuation of aircraft passengers. At the same time, operational forces like firefighters, rescue and emergency personnel can gain access to the interior of the aircraft.

Robustness and ease of use are the main feature of this type of vehicle. A particular highlight is the multi-supported intuitive operating concept of the rescue stairs from Rosenbauer: all functions can be controlled by just one person.

Impresses with

  • Safe and simple operation
  • Minimal set-up time
  • Single person operation
  • Glare free LED lighting concept
  • Uncompromisingly optimized for use by airport fire department

The Rescue Stairs.

The Rosenbauer rescue stairs stands out due to its rapid set-up time and safe & simple operation: because every second counts in an emergency. Thanks to the latest sensor technology, the vehicle and the staircase can be easily controlled by a single person. The overall concept is uncompromisingly optimized for use by airport fire departments and uses appropriately adapted chassis concepts.



Designed on a user-optimized chassis for a fast access to short- and medium-haul aircraft (with main platform)

Evacuation and rescue height of approx. 5,500 mm



Designed on a standard 3-axle chassis for maximum robustness and rescue heights up to upper deck A380

Evacuation and rescue height of approx. 8,500 mm

Safety down to the smallest detail

Thanks to a step width of 1,500 mm, 3 people - or 2 people carrying a stretcher - can use the rescue stairs simultaneously. The steps always remain in the horizontal position, regardless of the inclination of the stairs. The staircase lifting device, the so-called A-frame, as well as the stairs extension, are designed as standardized positive lock assembly with latches and teeth (in accordance with EN 12312-1 point 5.3.3). In the event of a technical failure of the hydraulic cylinders, the rescue stairs has a safe mechanical fallback level. So you are even ready for an emergency within an emergency!


The rescue platform has a width of 3,000 mm, allowing the cabin door to be opened without any problems. In order to ensure precise - and thus maximally safe – docking with the aircraft, the front edge including the railing can be telescopically extended by up to 1,000 mm, and all docking angles up to 15° can be compensated for. A rapid intervention hose reel is also installed for initial firefighting atacks, which is supplied from ground level by means of a telescopic pipe:

Maximum stability and easy access

Maximum stability is achieved through the hydraulic 4-way jacking system. This is supported by the ALR (Automatic Level Regulation). It compensates for diagonal height differences of up to 200 mm. ALR is activated by pressing only one button. This function assists the operator and ensures stable and secure support.


At the bottom of the staircase is a hydraulic rear ramp, which is fitted with an automatic locking and unlocking mechanism. Due to the length of the rear ramp, the maximum angle of inclination is just 18°. Due to the ramp being folding mechanism, the overall height of the vehicle remains low.

Easy and safe to operate

The rescue stairs can be operated from either the driver's cab or the platform. The Rosenbauer Logic Control System, which is familiar from the PANTHER and other Rosenbauer vehicles, enables intuitive operation.


Integrated into the Logic Control System is the HLCS (Height Level Control System) which enables automatic height pre-selection for all common aircraft types.


The whole operation system is designed according to EN 13849. All safety relevant control commands are carried out through two-handed operation for safety purposes. The approach process is supported by modern  camera and sensor systems.

Seamless illumination

The LED lighting concept enables complete illumination of the docking area, the steps, and the operational environment. Light means a safer environment and enables operations to be carried out quickly and safely, even in less than optimally lit areas.