Submersible pumps


Unbeatably light and easy to operate

The NAUTILUS is the first submersible pump from Rosenbauer with an electric drive. It represents more than 100 years of know-how in pump technology. The advantages of the NAUTILUS are obvious: easy handling, simple operation, high performance. They are some of the lightest submersible pumps in their class and are DIN 14425 certified.


Impresses with

  • Certified according to DIN 14425
  • Proven Rosenbauer pump technology
  • Easy to carry and operate
  • Flat suction down to just a few millimeters
  • Lightweight, slim construction


  • Powerful at start-up with little power thanks to starting capacitor: NAUTILUS 4/1: Operation with power generator from 5 kVA
  • Integrated motor protection relay protects the submersible pump against damage
  • A higher intake strainer has plenty of suction inlets even in case of partial contamination – high pump performance is guaranteed
  • Flat suction down to 4 mm without additional components that have to be attached or dismantled
  • Oil and maintenance-free electric motor
  • Inspection opening for checking the mechanical shaft seal
  • Ergonomically shaped carrying handles make carrying comfortable for one or two person(s)
  • More space in the coupling area so that attaching and detaching the hoses is easier and faster (can be equipped with all standard coupling systems)
  • Can be fitted with all common coupling systems
  • More space near the lifting eyelet guarantees compatibility with every carabiner for fast and reliable attachment
  • The pump can be easily turned upside down in the area of the impeller for maintenance work without help from a second person (when using a Storz B coupling)
  • Because the suction strainer is mounted with only three screws, it is easy to remove and, therefore, it is possible to free the impeller as quickly as possible from cords, etc.
  • Compatible with existing vehicle mounts

The NAUTILUS 4/1 is also available as a practical submersible pump set, consisting of:

  • NAUTILUS 4/1 with Storz B coupling
  • ABC coupling spanner
  • Fire hose B, 20 m
  • Outlet pipe B
  • Hose kink protector
  • Rope hose holder
  • Working rope with carabiner, 20 m
  • B-elbow 90°
  • Wire netting basket, 615 x 415 x 405 mm


Technical data 
Connection voltage:230 V / 1 phase
Power consumption:2.07 kVA, cos 0.99
Power output:1.49 kW
Nominal current:9 A
Connection cable:H07RN-F 3G1.5
Discharge connection:G 2 1/2" AG
Particle screen:8 mm
Pumped medium temperature:35 °C, temporary up to maximum 60 °C
Dimensions:250 x 455 mm
Weight (incl. cable):23 kg
Pump protection class:Pump without plug


  • Tested according to DIN 14425 - TP 4/1 and the "Submersible pumps" norm sheet of the Austrian Fire Brigade Association (ÖBFV)
  • Specially developed for operation with smaller 3 kVA generators 
Technical data
Supply voltage:230 V / 1 phase
Power input:1,84 kVA, cos 0,98
Power output:1,2 kW
Nominal current: 8 A
Output:420 l/min at 1,0 bar (= 10 m discharge height)
Connection cable:HO7RN-F 3G1,5
Cable length:20 m
Particle screening: 8 mm
Dimensions:250 x 436 mm
Weight with cable: 22 kg
Protection class:Pump without plug IP 68



  • Certified according to DIN 14425 type 8/1 and the "Submersible Pumps" standards of the ÖBFV
  • 17% more power than the minimum requirement indicated in the standard for 1 bar
  • One of the strongest pumps in its class
  • Conveys dirty water up to a grain size of 10 mm
  • Suctions water up to a water level of approx. 8 mm
  • At only 30 kg, one of the lightest submersible pumps on the market
  • Rotation direction display on the CEE motor protection on/off switch. The rotation direction is easily altered, if necessary, using the phase changer on the plug.
  • Can be operated upright, on its side or fully submerged 


Technical data
Connection voltage:400 V / 3 phase
Power consumption:4.2 kVA, cos 0.8
Power output:2.8 kW
Nominal current:6 A
Connection cable:Cable 4G 1.5. Length: 20 m, with CEE phase changer plug 16 A and motor protection on/off switch with rotation direction display
Discharge connection:G 2 1/2 " (Storz B DIN 14308)
Particle screen:10 mm
Pumped medium temperature:35 °C, temporary up to maximum 60 °C
Dimensions:259 x 485 mm
Weight (incl. cable):30 kg
Pump protection class:IP 68

Easy to transport and operate

The NAUTILUS is the first submersible pump from Rosenbauer with an electric drive. Tested and certified according to DIN 14425 and the "Submersible Pumps" standards of the Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association (ÖBFV) NAUTILUS conveys dirty water up to a grain size of 10 mm (model 8/1) or 8 mm (model 4/1). The pump can be operated upright, on its side or fully submerged.

  • Low weight: NAUTILUS 8/1 with only 30 kg total weight (including cable) and NAUTILUS 4/1 at 23 kg
  • Two handles bent outward for comfortable gripping
  • The pump is easily carried by one or two persons
  • The positions of the handles prevent the NAUTILUS from colliding with the feet when carrying

Flat suction down to just a few millimeters

The integrated flat-suction device allows water to be pumped down to just a few millimeters:

  • NAUTILUS 8/1: approx. 8 mm
  • NAUTILUS 4/1: approx. 4 mm

Doing so requires neither the removal of the suction screen, nor an additional device mounted on the pump.

Perfect design. Impressive advantages.

Quick fastening of the working rope

The working rope carabiner can be hooked into an eyelet specially provisioned for this purpose. As a result, the NAUTILUS can be safely lowered and then pulled up. Thanks to their slim design, NAUTILUS submersible pumps are also made for use in tight shafts and wells .

Integrated cable support

The NAUTILUS is equipped with a special cable (length 20 m). The cable support makes transport easier and ensures space-saving accommodation in the vehicle.

Cable tension release

The cable tension release serves to prevent damage in the area of the grommet.

Inspection opening for mechanical shaft seal

The mechanical shaft seal can be examined easily and at any time with the aid of a special inspection opening.


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