Certified as to EN 469:2005 (highest performance level Xf2, Xr2, Y2 and Z2) and EN 1149-5
This garment is only one part of a combined protective clothing acc. to EN 469


  • Outer fabric: the outer shell is made of X55 with PBI: 59 % Aramid, 40 % PBI, 1 % Antistatic (prevents electrostatic charges) colour gold/brown, 205 g/m²
  • Moisture Protection: PTFE-DUO membrane onto Melaminresinfiber/Aramide non-woven carrier 105 g/m²
  • Safety Thermal Lining: Melaminresinfiber/Aramide nonwoven material with quilted cover layer of mixed aramid/ viskose fabric 180 g/m²


  • Comfortable, ergonomic designed protective jacket with high protection and many features
  • Arm and jacket seams with moisture blocker made of flame retardant Polyurethan coated aramid, therefore better protection against the penetration and soaking of water (anti-wicking barrier)
  • Highly resistant zipper with double cover flap
  • Ergonomically shaped elbows and additional reinforcements made of flame-retardent, silicon-carbon coated paraaramid fabric 
  • Flame protection collar can be pulled up under the helmet, closure with Velcro fastening at the front
  • Shoulder area with extra heat protection
  • Sleeves width can be adjusted individually due to Velcro
  • Sleeves with innovative NOMEX® knitted wristlet with thumb hole 
  • Radio pockets on both sides 
  • With two side pockets with flap; under each side pocket flap with ring for attaching gloves
  • Two applied inside pockets
  • With lampholder on front cover 
  • 15 x 2.5 cm fleece strip above left radio pocket for attaching a name strip 
  • Holding loop for manual microphone on left
  • Velcro loop for rank badge
  • Inspection opening with zipper to check status of membrane
  • jacket with 5 cm wide yellow and 5 cm wide yellow/silver/yellow reflective stripes around torso, around sleeves with 5 cm wide yellow/silver/yellow reflective stripes
    additional with 5 cm wide yellow/silver/yellow reflective stripes vertically on the front side and slightly v-shaped stripes vertical on back side
  • Sleeves and collar with silver reflective braid
  • Backside length 85 cm (size 52-54C)

Sizes: 40-42 to 64-66 each in lengths A (body size 156-164 cm), B (body size 164-172 cm), C (body size 172-180 cm), D (body size 164-172 cm) and E (body size 188-196 cm)

Weight: 1.63 kg (size 48-50C)

item no. 141240