LCS 2.0 (Logic Control System)

User interface

The LCS 2.0 (logic control system) provides a standardized user interface for fire trucks and other Rosenbauer products.

The operation is the most important interface between the firefighter and the firefighting vehicle. The logically designed operating structure and the marking of the different media, devices and aggregate states reliefs the operator to the greatest possible degree. As a result, the operator has the best chance of finding their way, even in extreme situations. The illuminated and raised operating keys offer the highest level of operating comfort.

Impresses with

  • Standardized operation of all functions of a fire fighting vehicle
  • Ergonomic arrangement and design of operating elements
  • Combination of pictograms and color coding
  • Illuminated operating elements

Relief of the operator

A logically designed operating structure reliefs the operator to the best possible degree:

  • Through optimized processes and the central operation for all functions
  • A standardized operating philosophy for pumps, foam proportioning systems, monitors, light masts, generators and various body components
  • Color coding of the different media and aggregate states (water: blue / normal pressure: green / high pressure: violette / foam: yellow, ...)
  • Illuminated keyboard for operating in poor lighting conditions or at night
  • Acknowledgment of errors
  • Raised buttons for use while wearing gloves with pressure resistance and LED acknowledgment when activated

Avoidance of improper operation

The standardized operating philosophy avoids:

  • Activatable functional buttons and LED pilot lamps
  • Consistent logic for all functions on the fire fighting vehicle
  • Representation of the functions on the buttons with pictograms and color codes (normal pressure: green / high pressure: violet / yellow: foam / white: power, ....)
  • Indicators for vehicle warnings (e.g. air pressure too low, oil pressure too high, ....)
  • Extinguishing system warnings (water, foam compound tank at a minimum, proportioning rate cannot be achieved, ...)
  • An programmed logic prevents the pressing of buttons which are inapplicable in certain states

Modular, flexible and individually definable

  • Different operating elements can be combined depending on requirements
  • Depending on the need, operation may occur only using buttons or with a display (display with buttons on the side)
  • For any vehicle - CAN bus vehicles as well as non-CAN bus vehicles
  • Displayable depending on the level of automation - from the pump with only power take-off activation and manual operating elements through to fully automatic vehicle with pump unit and foam system

Operating versions:

  • Operation with display field (DIGIVIEW) and start/stop module with potentiometer (DIGIPOT - e.g. for pump activation and speed adjustment) and panel with buttons
  • Display with controls and potentiometer for high-end vehicles
  • Radio and cable remote control using a button panel


The LCS 2.0 operating system is offered for all Rosenbauer products.


The standardized operating philosophy of all components of a fire fighting vehicle prevents improper operations and offers the best possible operating comfort.

Operation of: 

  • Built-in fire pumps
  • Foam proportioning systems
  • Compressed air foam systems
  • EPS generator
  • Turret
  • Light mast
  • Other bodywork functions, such as for example lighting, traffic control device, ...


  • Button panels - with potentiometer and display element
  • Display operation (using buttons)
  • Remote control (radio + cable)
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