Automatic foam premixing system 

Foam with digital precision

The FOAMATIC E is an automatic around-the-pump foam proportioning system that delivers the highest quantities of foam compound and is based on an electronic flow rate measurement. This system always compares the quantity of foam compound with the quantity of water and the proportioning rate and is therefore not sensitive to varying viscosities. The proportioning can be done in steps or stepless.

The fire foam system FOAMATIC E can be integrated in the N110, the N100 as well as in the R600 pump.

Impresses with

  • High foam output
  • Proportioning possible in steps or stepless
  • Extremely precise proportioning
  • Water and foam compound quantity can be displayed


A magnetic inductive water flow meter measures the quantity of water discharged. The proportioning rate is set by the operator. This can be done in steps or steples.


A magnetic inductive foam compound flow meter measures the amount of foam discharged; the electronics then calculate the amount of foam compound which needs to be added. Afterwards, proportioning ball valves in the connecting line from discharge side and suction side are controlled accordingly. The electronics constantly control the ball valve, to ensure the correct proportioning rate.


The drive water that flows from the normal pressure side to the suction side produces the vacuum for foam compound suction. The foam compound is mixed on the suction side of the water pump.


Both the water flow as well as the foam compound flow can be displayed on request.

Technical data

  • Around-the-pump foam proportioning system
  • Flow measurement of water and foam compound with MIDs (magnetic inductive flow measurement)
  • Electrical control of the proportioning ball valves
  • Measuring range of water from 150 to 11,000 l/min for N110 and N100 or 6,000 l/min for R600
  • Foam compound flow volume 15 to 600 l/min (for viscosity of 20 cSt/20 °C) for N110 and N100 or up to 450 l/min for R600
  • Selective proportioning rates in steps or stepless
  • Foam compound tank suction and external foam suction possible
  • Possibility of displaying the water and foam compound flow


  • Implementation of the proportioning rates in steps or stepless
  • Usage of different foam compound sources (2 foam tanks and external foam suction possible)
  • Construction of the housing in light alloy or gunmetal (depending on pump material)
  • Two sizes: FOAMATIC E with 600 l/min for N110 and N100, FOAMATC E with 450 l/min for R600
  • Display of water and foam compound flow