Automatic foam premixing system 

Proportional proportioning in the R600 pump

A mechanically-operated around-the-pump foam system that is completely integrated in the pump is available for R600 pumps. The foam system FOAMATIC A works automatically and adjusts to the pump output and pump pressure.

3 fixed proportioning rates are available.

Impresses with

  • Large foam compound output (especially for turret operation)
  • Best integration into the R600 pump
  • Automatic adjustment to the water flow quantity
  • Simple design and operation


The mechanical water flow measuring flap measures the amount of water discharged.


The foam compound dosing device is adjusted via rods on the cam disk. This results in defined proportioning rates. Every cam disk stands for one proportioning rate.


The pre-selection of the proportioning rate is achieved by switching from cam disk to cam disk.


The drive water produces negative pressure for foam compound suction. The foam compound is then mixed on the suction inlet of the pump.

Technical data

  • Around-the-pump foam proportioning system
  • Water flow measurement via mechanical water flap
  • Fully automated, mechanically-controlled foam compound dosing flap
  • Controlling of the foam compound proportioning via cam disks
  • Measuring range of water from 400 to 6,000 l/min
  • Foam compound flow rate from 12 to 480 l/min (for viscosity of 20 cSt/20 °C)
  • Three proportioning rates (choose from 1%, 3% and 6% or 3%, 6% and 8%)
  • Foam compound tank suction and external foam compound suction possible


  • Proportioning rates: 1%, 3% and 6% or 3%, 6% and 8%
  • Usage of different foam compound sources (two foam tanks and external foam suction possible)
  • Construction of the housing in light alloy or gunmetal (depending on pump material)
  • Vertical or horizontal design