Highly efficient CAF foam.

If a high extinguishing agent capacity is needed, then the universally deployable CAFS extinguishing system is the ideal extinguishing system. In practical use, the POLY EXTINGUSHING SYSTEM SL500-6000 impresses above all through its powerful CAFS firefighting equipment as well as its unique functionality and, in combination with numerous available options, it can also be customized for your operation-specific requirements.

Impresses with

  • Powerful CAFS firefighting equipment
  • Unique functionality
  • Numerous available options

Independent system

Works entirely independent from external energy sources (engine or power unit) and technical systems (centrifugal pump, foam proportioning system and air compressor) and is therefore always reliably and permanently ready for action.

User-friendly start-up

Easy and fast start-up by turning the compressed air bottle valve and actuating the CAFS nozzle.

Wide range of applications

Suitable for direct fire fighting of solid and liquid fires as well as for preventative protection of objects at risk of fire through the application of CAF foam.

Easy to use

Simple extinguishing procedure that saves extinguishing agent due to the CAF foam sticking to the flammable object and evaporating on the still hot surface.

Large action radius

Large safety distance between the user and the flammable object as well as fighting of fires in inaccessible areas thanks to excellent throw ranges and heights of the CAF foam.

Excellent extinguishing performance

  • Rapid extinguishing success as well as excellent burnback safety thanks to the thorough and highly efficient mode of action of the CAF foam.
  • Minimal fire damage through immediate suppression of flames as well as low water damage through complete evaporation of the water bound in the CAF foam.
  • Large extinguishing agent capacity with equal water volume due to active foam expansion.

One-off maintenance

  • Can be operated with environmentally-friendly, fluorine- free foam compounds due to the storage of the foam compound separate from the water in a foam compound cartridge.
  • Especially easy to repair by exchanging the compressed air bottle and through separate filling of the extinguishing agent tank with clear water as well as the separate foam compound cartridge with foam compound, without having to account for mixing ratios.
  • Extremely low maintenance costs due to the storage of the foam compound separate from the water in a foam compound cartridge which allows for longer extinguishing agent intervals compared to ready-to-use water-foam compound mixtures.