N65, N80

Normal pressure pump 

Compact pump for the highest performance

These single stage normal pressure centrifugal pumps achieve the best possible efficiency through spatially curved impeller blades, the guide blades, and the spiral housing.   Combined with an extremely  compact design, these pumps are impressive with their high discharge volumes.

With a flat characteristic curve, pressure surges are reduced to a minimum when opening and closing the nozzles and outlets - this relieves pressure on the nozzle operator.

Various drive concepts for the respective installation ensure the greatest possible maintenance access and friendliness.

The N65 and N80 are universal built-in pumps for airport, industrial and large tanker firefighting vehicles as well as for stationary systems.


Impresses with

  • High pump output with flat characteristic curve
  • Robust and fail-safe
  • Can be combined with the FIXMIX 2.0 around-the-pump foam proportioning system  

Technical data

  • Single stage normal pressure pump
  • Sealing via maintenance-free mechanical shaft seal
  • The normal pressure housing is designed as a spiral housing with integrated diffuser for the highest possible efficiency


  • Nominal output: 6,500 l/min at 10 bar
  • Maximum output: 7,000 l/min at 10 bar (depending on installation)
  • Certified according to EN1028 FPN 10-6000


  • Nominal output: 8,000 l/min at 10 bar
  • Maximum output: 9,000 l/min at 10 bar (depending on installation)
  • Certified according to EN1028 FPN 10-6000

Additional high pressure pump H5

  • Available as an option for N65 and N80
  • 4-stage centrifugal pump
  • Driven by belts via the gearbox
  • Up to 500 l/min at 40 bar

N65/ N80 piston priming pump

  • KAP Professional
  • Automatic priming

Thanks to the unique drive system, the priming pump is always on stand-by to reduce wear and can be switched on at any time.

  • High priming performance
  • Safe to operate thanks to oil bath lubrication and inlet/outlet valves made from extremely resistant plastic
  • Resistant to waste water
  • Fail-safe thanks to dual piston redundancy

The priming pump is driven over a V-belt from the lantern or the gear-box. During the priming process the belt is tensioned via a lever. Once the priming process finishes, the belt is released.

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The optional automatic priming system offers maximum operational safety during water supply.

The priming process starts automatically - the V-belt will be tensioned for this. When the pressure builds to about 1.5 bar inside the pump, the priming process is stopped by an extending cylinder that loosens the belt.

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Automatic FIXMIX 2.0 around-the-pump foam proportioning system

For the  N65 and the N80, the FIXMIX 2.0 around-the-pump foam proportioning system (EN-US) is available.

This is available as a mechanically controlled model (FIXMIX 2.0 A) or an electronically controlled model (FIXMIX 2.0 E).