Digital pioneers: fire departments in Styria rely on EMEREC

Support in operations management, current alarm data on mobile phones, visualized information in the fire station, emergency plans, vehicle rescue cards, and much more: all Styrian fire departments can now use the emergency management system EMEREC from Rosenbauer. Because recently, the State Fire Brigade Association has set the course for the future by establishing a digital interface for the implementation of modern fire service deployment management systems.

The undertaking of this decision in Styria shows much promise for the future: with the new digital interface, all alert information can be called up and made available to all fire departments as required - and, most importantly, in a structured and secure manner. Rosenbauer implemented this interface in July 2019 and is thus now able to supply all applications of the EMEREC deployment management system with the data from the State Fire Brigade's headquarters.

From alerting to operational management

Thus, for example, the alert data can be retrieved, visualized, and played on the respective terminals: For example, in addition to the classic alert via pager and siren, there is a possibility to also receive all details on the EMEREC mobile smartphone app, and give real-time feedback ("accept, late arrival, decline"). Various information can also be displayed in the fire station on the EMEREC Alarm Monitor: maps of the location, alert data, team feedback information, alerted units, and much more.

Initial alert data can subsequently be supplemented during a deployment using the EMEREC Pilot operational management software. Fire protection plans, a hazardous substance database, water maps, rescue cards, and a great deal of additional information is made available to the operations management directly on scene. If necessary, you can also use the navigation function, an integrated phone book, or a messenger application for direct communication with one another and with the operational control center.

EMEREC is already in operation

Many Styrian fire departments already use the new interface and can rely on the comprehensive support provided by EMEREC. For example, the Altaussee fire department, which is equipped for a wide range of operational scenarios. The area is host to many popular hotels and other forms of tourist accommodations as well as busy traffic routes, all focused around Lake Altaussee. "EMEREC works excellently, with the transmitted data made available immediately, and providing us with the most necessary information. Another advantage of the system is the support for the operations management, who are able to access the most important information in real time. Also, the individual functions of the app are well thought out and already enjoy great popularity within the squad," said a clearly impressed Commander Christian Fischer.

Weitendorf's volunteer fire department also relies on EMEREC to deal with challenging assignments. Since the Pyhrn freeway runs through the department's operational area, car rescue cards and other useful information play a particularly important role here.

Whether small or large fire departments, whether rural or urban areas, EMEREC offers optimum support for each applicational field - from mobile apps to complete deployment management software. The fire departments of Styria can rely on Rosenbauer, the international market leader for firefighting equipment, as a strong partner.