Compact, simple, efficient: the new TLF 1500 for Zeeland Fire Brigade

Quality, safety, extinguishing power and simple operation: The Zeeland Fire Brigade had clear ideas as to the characteristics it wanted in its new (TLF) 1500 tank firefighting vehicle. Thanks to a range of extinguishing systems, automatic pump operation and practical additional equipment, Rosenbauer was able to implement these wishes in a compact vehicle.

65 locations, more than 230 vehicles, 1100 voluntary and 100 full-time firefighters: The Zeeland Fire Brigade is responsible for fire safety and other firefighting operations in the province of the same name in South Holland. Each year, there are around 3,500 deployments of various kinds, and in 2017, it handled 1,900 firefighting operations.

Safe handling and easy operation: These were two of the key requirements for the new TLF 1500. The cab can accommodate six people (5 + 1), with all six seats equipped with an SCBA unit. A full crew isn't required for efficient operation of the vehicle: Thanks to automatic pump operation, electric roller shutters in the equipment compartments and electric hose reels, four people, for example, can easily cope with smaller firefighting missions.

Extensive firefighting equipment

The compact vehicle, which is built on a MAN TGL 12.250 chassis with a wheelbase of only 3.30 meters, provides space for extensive extinguishing technology. The NH25  normal pressure pump impresses in part due to the aforementioned automatic operation. A telemetry system also informs the machinist of all relevant data, such as the fill level of tanks or the current pump pressure. In addition to the 1,500 liter water tank and the 50 liter foam tank, there is also a 20 liter exercise foam tank installed.

So extinguishing is possible not only with water but also with foam - and using different methods: Either with the DIGIMATIC 42 pressure mixing system and the standard water outlets or with the Conti CAFS using its own CAFS outlet or the CAFS hose reel. In addition, normal pressure and high pressure rapid attack reels are also available - both electrically retractable and extendable. Thanks to the various extinguishing agents and high and low pressure systems, the TLF 1500 offers different firefighting methods, which can be used either individually or in combination.

Easier and faster access to devices

The roller shutters of the equipment rooms are also operated electronically. They can either be opened from the driver's cab or by pressing illuminated buttons on the outside. But there is also the possibility of manual opening if electricity is not available. The equipment compartments are accessible and the slide tray where additional equipment is stored is easy to adjust as needed. The large roller shutters and low loading heights provide easy and quick access to the required equipment. The space on the roof is also used: Thanks to the mechanical lowering device, ladders or dip tubes can be easily unloaded if required.

When it comes to lighting, the TLF 1500 is completely equipped with LED technology: Scene lighting, a traffic warning device, the pneumatically extendable light mast, and rotating and swiveling LED spotlights ensure perfect sight and visibility when deployed in the dark.

Versatile applications

With the new TLF 1500, the Zeeland Fire Brigade has a vehicle that impresses with its simple and safe operation which can be deployed for a variety of scenarios and applications. Dense city centers, narrow country roads, firefighting operations or support for larger operations: The TLF 1500 is a compact and safe vehicle that can be operated in many situations.