"Quality knows no limits"

The Augst/Kaiseraugst Fire Department serves the area around the city of Basel directly on the Rhein and is thus located on the border to Germany. The firefighters must be prepared for a multitude of challenges: natural disasters such as flooding, accidents in large industrial and chemical operations, and the main traffic routes leading through the region make it necessary to be prepared for a variety of scenarios. The operational management system EMEREC  is a big help.


Augst and Kaiseraugst are not just two independent municipalities, they are also located in two different Swiss cantons. The political borders, however, no longer play a role for the fire department: since 1999, both locations have been united under one organization. To Vice Commander Oliver Jucker, the merger was an important step: "It wasn't just a win in terms of personnel, we also improved our operational capabilities." Operational capabilities that are needed for more than 60 deployments every year. Large operations in the chemical industry, multi-level underground garages, crowded roads, and the nearby Rhein pose numerous dangers for our colleagues at the Augst/Kaiseraugst Fire Department. They rely upon the EMEREC operational management system for support.

A great tool for day-to-day firefighting operations

The benefits of the EMEREC are not only evident in large-scale emergencies, but also support everyday situations. Oliver Jucker remembers a traffic accident where a car crashed into a trench. The problem: it came to a halt over an open gas line. Thanks to EMEREC, all necessary contact data for shutting down the city gas line, for example, was available during the vehicle rescue. Another very common example: working with a paper log is very difficult when it is stormy and rainy. The all-weather EMEREC tablet functions in all weather and can be used under the most severe conditions.

All relevant information about the operation

Today, the Augst/Kaiseraugst Fire Department is using the entire bandwidth of the EMEREC system. In the event of an alarm, all relevant data is shown on the EMEREC Alarm Monitor at the fire station, including the order to deploy. In parallel, other members of the fire department are alerted via the EMEREC mobile app. "During the journey to the scene of the emergency, EMEREC Pilot is used to check whether the object is recorded or not. All necessary information is called up," explains Oliver Jucker. Operational plans, information about water availability, and other important details are available in just seconds. For larger operations, EMEREC can also be used to coordinate the scene and resources.

Easy operation – small learning curve

Jumping into the EMEREC world is easy, says Oliver Jucker: "The system is modular in design. This allowed us to start small and slowly introduce new functions. It is so easy that each of us can operate it at anytime, and the learning curve is minimal." Operational plans, building information, and additional important resources were updated by the Augst/Kaiseraugst Fire Department itself, something that is an additional benefit to Vice Commander Jucker: "We know exactly what information we have and can use it efficiently."

An absolutely reliable tool

Today, life without EMEREC at the Augst/Kaiseraugst Fire Department is inconceivable: "It is easy to use and works when we need it. It is an absolutely reliable tool." The Augst/Kaiseraugst Fire Department was not only the first fire department to bridge cantons, but it is also taking a leading role in utilizing the modern operational management system. "Quality knows no boundaries," says Oliver Jucker.