Episode 5

The art of information – over 20 years of PANTHER advertising …

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Episode 5

Die Kunst der Information – über 20 Jahre PANTHER Werbung …

Rosenbauer are often asked why they still advertise the PANTHER. Because, let’s face it, it’s the most successful and best-known aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle (ARFF) in the world. There’s hardly an airport that doesn’t want it. There’s hardly an airport fire department that works without it. The innovator from Austria refers to the following story traditionally handed down in the world of advertising:

During a flight, chewing gum king Philip Wrigley was asked by a journalist: “Tell me, Mr. Wrigley, why do you still advertise? Everyone already buys your gum and you could save a fortune at a stroke!” To which Wrigley replied: “We reached our cruising height of 6,000 meters some time ago. Do you suggest that I go into the cockpit and and instruct the pilot to switch off the engines, in order to save fuel?”

Only the person who is informed can truly decide.

Communication for the PANTHER has been handled in the same way. After all, since its creation in 1991, the famous airport fire fighter has been and is being permanently developed further to continuously implement the state-of-the-art requirements of airport fire fighters worldwide. The PANTHER’s features, advantages, and innovations have to be communicated to the target groups. Only in this way will they be fully informed about the possibilities in their operations.

Advertising for the PANTHER over the course of time

Like the PANTHER itself, its advertising has changed greatly as time has gone by. Join us on a small journey back in time to see the highlights of PANTHER communications from Rosenbauer.