Power Station

RTE PS 2 Power Station 

Mobile 2 kW battery power supply.

Technical operations often require the use of electrically powered tools such as submersible pumps, combi hammers and rescue equipment. However, electric appliances like high-performance fans may also be needed for firefighting missions. A lighting system is almost always needed. Rosenbauer has developed the RTE PS 2 Power Station – a compact power supply with zero emissions – to allow such appliances to be used even more flexibly.

Impresses with

  • Powerful lithium iron phosphate battery

  • Emission-free power supply

  • Various charging connections

  • Smart touch display

  • Optimum handling thanks to wheels and trolley handle

The battery-powered energy source.

Emission-free, portable and easy to handle

At the core of the RTE PS 2 Power Station is a high-performance battery pack that is suitable for use by standard fire departments. With its 2 kWh capacity and 2,000 W output power, it can supply electrical devices with energy for long periods of time. What’s more, it's completely silent and produces zero exhaust gases. The Power Station is portable, too. Its large wheels and trolley handle make it easy to transport over long distances. The robust housing makes it resilient enough to withstand the toughest conditions.


The Rosenbauer Power Station can be charged via any standard household socket, the on-board power supply on an emergency vehicle, or even using the power of the sun via optional solar panels. In other words, the RTE PS 2 Power Station is the ultimate modern energy source for firefighting operations.

A bundle of energy in detail.

Many different connection options with on-board voltage socket 120 W, 3 DC outputs, 2 household sockets 2,000 W, 4 USB-A sockets 15 W and fast charging USB-C port 60 W

Wireless charging 15 W for quick inductive charging of smartphones, for example

Charging ports for charging in the vehicle using a power cable or photovoltaic panel

Integrated LED ambience lighting for better usability and visibility of the power station

Shockproof housing with bumpers made of high-quality rubber to protect against impact

Trolley function with extendable handle and large, anti-static wheels with soft rubber

Comfortable, generously dimensioned carrying handles for safe grabbing, even with gloves

Technical specifications RTE PS 2 Power Station

Technical specifications RTE PS 2 Power Station
Battery capacity:2,000 Wh, 40 Ah
Power output:2,000 W, output possible at one socket
Battery type:LiFePO⁴ fire safe / 3,500 cycles
Voltage range/frequency:240 V/50 Hz
Voltage stability:< 5 %
Short-circuit protection:yes
Overtemperature protection:yes
Operating noise < 1,500 W:45 dB
Protection class:IP 33
Operating temperature:Power output between –10 °C (14 °F) and +45 °C (113 °F)
Charging between 0 °C (32 °F) and +45 °C (113 °F)
Charging time: 
  • Mains: approx. 5 h
  • Vehicle: approx. 20 h/12 V on-board network or approx. 10 h/24 V on-board network
  • Solar panel: approx. 10 h/1 panel à 200 W or 5 h/2 panels à 200 W
Dimensions (W x H x D):515 x 330 x 440 mm (20.28’ x 17.32’ x 12.99’)
Weight:31.5 kg (69.45 lbs)

Smarte control.

The smart touch display of the Rosenbauer Power Station provides information on the key operating statuses at all times, including the charge level of the battery or the current inflow and outflow of electricity. Many other details can also be displayed.  The display is also the central operating unit, allowing you to control all the functions.

Not just clean, but self-sufficient too.

For those who don’t want to be dependent on electricity from the grid, vehicles or other generators, Rosenbauer provides photovoltaic panels as accessories for its Power Station. Each individual panel provides a maximum of 200 W power. On a sunny  day, it takes just 5 hours for the power from two panels to fully charge the 2 kWh battery of the RTE PS 2 Power Station. The maximum PV charging power is 700 W, which reduces the charging time to less than 3 hours.

Appliances you can run with the RTE PS 2 Power Station.

With its 2 kWh capacity and 2,000 W output power, the RTE PS 2 Power Station provides the energy you need for all manner of applications. It can be used to operate numerous single-phase electrical devices, including submersible pumps, high-performance fans and rescue equipment, for an hour or more.


Primary use

DevicePower outputOperating time
High-performance fan1,300 W1:32 h
Submersible pump1,900 W1:03 h
Combi hammer1,050 W1:54 h
We vacuum cleaner2,000 W1 h
LED spotlight50 W40 h
Rescue equipment1,500 W1:20 h


Secondary use

DevicePower outputOperating time
Projector250 W8 h
Electric grill1,500 W1:20 h
Refrigerator180 W11:07 h
Coffee machine1,200 W1:40 h
Outdoor stereo system400 W5 h


It is also possible to operate or charge various small electrical appliances or smart devices.