High-performance fans

Protects emergency crews. Saves lives.

The mobile high-performance fans of Rosenbauer are multi-functional devices. Use of the fan as an integral part of operational tactics in firefighting supports emergency crews so that they can execute an interior fire attack as quickly and risk-free as possible. In certain situations, the fan is the only thing that makes an interior fire attack possible. Better visibility thanks to efficient ventilation enables SCBA crews to operate more quickly on scene.


All fans are manufactured in accordance with DIN 14963.

Impresses with

  • All In One Airflow Technology
  • Powerful
  • Nozzle with inclination angle of max. -20° to +20°
  • Simple operating concept (optimal distance 2 steps)
  • Modern design
  • With water mist and foam use

Set up as a first attack device, the high-performance fan ensures more safety in operation:

  • Better visibility through rapid smoke evacuation
  • Lower temperatures in the object on fire
  • Less harmful gases and immediate supply of fresh air
  • Shorter attack times
  • Quicker locating of missing persons
  • Less building damage and fire-fighting water damage

The high-performance fans are available in two sizes:

  • 16"
  • 22"

RTE AX B16 - Battery-powered fan

Optimizes air performance and running time

The practical battery-powered decive is driven by an environmentally friendly and very efficient electric motor that causes no exhaust emissions, and the noise level at the point of use is also significantly minimized.

One powerful battery

The lithium-ion battery of the RTE AX B16 is extremely efficient and a lasting energy supplier. It is among the most modern on the market and - thanks to its intelligent battery management system - ensures a long service life and long running times. The battery delivers 953 watt hours, which corresponds to continuous operation for 60 min at full power. This makes it easy to master every operational situation.

Two operating modes

The RTE AX B16 can be powered by a rechargeable battery or via the power grid. This enables fast commissioning at the beginning of an operation. Even if the 60 minutes running time at full power of the fan is sufficient for most applications: should it take longer, an uninterrupted change from battery to mains operation during operation is possible. If even more air volume is required at short notice, BOOST mode is also available.


Technical dataRTE AX B16
Motor output/battery capacity:1.25 kW/26.1 Ah
Air outlet diameter approx.:16"/410 mm 
Air flow rate according to ISO 5801:5,154 m³/h
Thrust according to ISO 13350:21.6 N
Dimensions (W x H x D), in mm:520 x 600 x 365
Weight:approx. 29 kg
Battery operating running time at 100 %:60 min
Battery operating running time at BOOST:30 min

FANERGY E16 and E22 - High-performance fans with electric motor

The quiet and environmentally friendly alternative

High performance fans with electric motors have a number of strengths: they are quiet, environmentally friendly, and exhaust-free. The power is steplessly adjustable from 0-100 %. The value is shown on a convenient display, which is also visible in the dark.

Universally applicable and flexible in its positioning

The integrated starting current limiter ensures that the drive functions smoothly with a 5 kVA power generator. Fans with electric motors can also be connected to any 230 V household socket using the Schuko plug. Even indoor installation is possible.

The greatest advantage of the electric fan is that it can operate in any orientation, and its airflow can be used vertically and horizontally. For example, the fan can be placed facing a basement or sewer opening. This makes it universally applicable and flexible in terms of positioning.


Technical dataFANERGY
Propulsion engine:230 V/2.2 kW
Continuously adjustable
Air outlet diameter approx.:16"/410 mm22"/560 mm22"/560 mm
Airflow according to ISO 5801:5,606 m³/h9,733 m³/h5,606 m³/h
Thrust according to ISO 13350:25.8 N35.8 N25.8 N
Dimensions (W x H x D), in mm:555 x  490 x 545640 x 705 x 505489 x 615 x 450
Weight:< 50 kgapprox. 53 kgapprox. 40 kg
Explosion protection:------------

FANERGY V16 - High-performance fans with combustion engine

The powerful version

The high performance fan with combustion engine is an extremely powerful and lighter model. It is available in one size with a 16" diameter. Two 1-cylinder engines are available: from Briggs & Stratton or from Honda.


Technical dataFANERGY V16
Propulsion engine:B&S 1 cylinder Vanguard 4.8 kW (6.5 hp) or
Honda 1 cylinder GX200 4.1 kW (6.5 hp)
Air outlet diameter approx.:16"/410 mm
Airflow according to ISO 5801:5,981 m³/h
Thrust according to ISO 13350:27.5 N
Dimensions (W x H x D), in mm:555 x 490 x 545
Weight:approx. 48 kg
Fuel/tank capacity:Lead-free gasoline ≥ 91 octane/approx. 3 l
Running time with one tank of gas:approx. 80 min at full capacity

All In One Airflow Technology

More pressure, more power, and more volume.

The All In One Airflow Technology from Rosenbauer is a completely new technological concept in ventilation technology. The special design of the high performance fan unit results in an optimized air flow pattern. This is made possible by the special design of the fan impeller, fan control unit, and the special aerodynamically shaped grille. The new fan unit also ensures an even better drafting performance and thus a better air supply to the fan. The air is delivered into buildings in a targeted way with more pressure, more power, and more volume. The result: smoke is evacuated quicker from the object which is on fire, visibility is immediately better, and the temperatures are reduced more quickly.

Ventilate more efficiently with the pull-out nozzle

Automatic initial attack position from + 20° for E and V models

When unfolding the handle, the fire department fan unit automatically lifts out. In this way, the fan is immediately in attack position. The nozzle is therefore automatically in an optimized angular position of +20°, with makes it easier to get past obstacles in the access area of the building (e.g. stairs, platforms). In combination with the new All In One Airflow, the pull-put nozzle also ensures that the air flow reaches the object with maximum efficiency.

Maximum inclination angle -20 to +20 degrees

Widest adjustment angle on the market

The fan unit can be adjusted at the press of a button and without any accessories from -20 to +20 degrees. Thanks to the maintenance-free gas strut, continuous adjustment is quick and easy, without jamming and skewing - a significant benefit, which contributes to shorter rescue times during an operation. The generous inclination angle ensures more flexibility and efficiency when using the fan. The inclination angle of +20 degrees is very useful for blowing over obstacles. The negative angular position of -20 degrees – larger than any other fan on the market – is ideally suited to ventilate stairs and air shafts.

Flexible set up distance 2 steps

For easy and safe operation

The use of a fan protects emergency crews and can save the lives of missing persons. Proper operation is important for successful ventilation operation. Thanks to the new All In One Airflow Technology, all current operating concepts are combined into one, and using it is easier than ever before. The fans work best at a distance of two steps fromthe air inlet.

Operation is easier than ever before
E and V devices

  1. Unfold handle
  2. Fan unit automatically swivels into the attack position of +20 degrees
  3. Place the fan in front of the access opening (distance of 2 steps)
  4. Switch device on - ready

Battery-powered fan

  1. Place the fan in front of the access opening (distance of 2 steps)
  2. Adjusting the angle of inclination of the fan unit (-10° to +20°)
  3. Switch device on - ready

Smallest dimensions

  • Smallest fan on the market in the 16'' class
  • Minimum space needed in vehicle
  • Optimized, easy handling

Safer option: LED light package

The LED light package is unique, which ensures more safety for operations in the dark. The LEDs arranged centrally behind the fan unit illuminate in the direction of the air opening and thus serve as an orientation aid for the SCBA crew. On the rear of the fan, other LEDs ensure good visibility of the operating elements, essential for safe operations. The LED light package is optionally available for all E and V models. The LED light package is a fixed component of the RTE AX B16 battery-powered fan.

Water mist and foam use

Multifunctional use

With regard to operational tactics, two further characteristics of the fan are interesting: water mist as well as expansion foam can be produced. The mobile high-performance fan is equipped with a central water spray unit. This allows compartments, gas cylinders etc. to be cooled and protected. An effective suppression of dangerous flue gases is also possible using the water mist.

Turbulence in the air flow is reduced through the central placement of the water spray unit in the center of the fan nozzle. Handling is much quicker, easier, and without any accessories. The fire hose can be connected directly to the fan via a Storz C-connection, the fan supplied with water, and thus spray mist discharged.

The fan as foam generator

With the use of a foam net, the Z2 proportioner, and multi-application foam compound, the fan can produce expansion foam in no time. The net is stored in a small compartment directly on the chassis of the fan and can always be carried along in this way. The flow rate is approx. 200 l at 5 bar. When fighting fires, the expansion foam can be introduced via an air tube in a staircase or via a light shaft in a cellar room. Also for hazmat operations, to suppress toxic vapors, or for cooling of equipment: the fan performs valuable services as an expansion foam generator.

Standard equipment and accessories

Standard equipment

  • Water vapor cartridge, as standard or retrofit
  • Storage compartment for foam net
  • Adapter for exhaust hose for Briggs & Stratton or Honda engine
  • Two chocks

Options and accessories

  • Water vapor cartridge, integrated with Storz C-coupling
  • LED light package
  • Foam net
  • Z2 proportioner with Storz C coupling
  • Suction hose 25 mm/1.5 m for Z2 proportioner
  • Discharge hose, SYNTHETIC SPECIAL 5 m, with Storz C coupling
  • Multi-application foam compound
  • PAE air tube with belt, 20 m
  • Stable air tube, 3 m
  • Service hour meter and revolution counter for cooling fans with combustion engines
  • Forcible entry tool

Maintenance-free components

  • Gas strut
  • Electric motor

Ordering data for FANERGY E and V models

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