Manually controlled turret

The Rosenbauer RM24 turret is a compact, manual turret with a large application spectrum. It is well suited for various types of vehicles as a roof turret but can also be positioned independently of the vehicle with a separate carrying frame.

Versions as water and foam turrets of up to 3,000 l/min or dry powder turret of up to 40 kg/s are possible.

Impresses with

  • Comfortable manual operation
  • Suitability for various extinguishing agents
  • Foam pipe can be folded away
  • Powder pipe with quantity setting

High flow rate

  • Up to 3,000 l/min at 10 bar water or water-foam compound mixture
  • Up to 40 kg/s as dry powder turret

Suitability for various extinguishing agents

  • Water
  • Water-foam compound mixture (non-foamy)
  • CAFS (with solid jet)
  • Foam, with foam pipe (foamy)
  • Powder

Excellent throw range

  • 70 m with water

Best foam quality

  • Suitable for most diverse of foam compounds through use of adapted fixtures in the foam pipe
  • Throw range > 50 m

Easy operation

  • Ergonomic, fully adjustable handle
  • Rotating and hoisting axis separately lockable