Premiere in Switzerland: first CL-P delivered

Fires, weather events or oil spill operations: the new Compact Line – Profile (CL-P) of the Root Fire Department in the Swiss canton of Luzern is used for a variety of operations. Thanks to the variable loading options, the vehicle can be quickly adapted to the respective challenges – regardless of whether it is used as a crew transporter or to provide the necessary fire & safety equipment.

The very first CL-P from Rosenbauer was delivered just a few weeks ago. It is being used in Root, a community with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. The fire department wanted a multifunctional vehicle that can be used for a wide variety of events. The CL-P meets this requirement profile perfectly and was optimally adapted to the customer's needs thanks to its modular body concept.

Fire & safety equipment and crew transporter

For the decision-makers at the Root Fire Department, it was important that the vehicle has not only enough space for equipment, but also for the crew. The crew cabin of the Mercedes Sprinter double cab accommodates up to six (5+1) persons. Because of the geographic conditions of the region with steep roads and snowy winters, the CL-P had to be equipped with powerful (160 PS) and permanent all-wheel drive.


The absolutely most important item on the agenda of the Root Fire Department, however, was the multifunctional use of the vehicle for various scenarios. One third of the loading area was provided with a sandwich construction with roll-up-type doors on the side. It is not only lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant, it also impresses with sophisticated storage options for a variety of fire & safety equipment. Thanks to the tried-and-tested stowage system from Rosenbauer, the equipment is not only stowed safely, but is also very easy to unload.

Fast modification for special operations

The rest of the loading area can be loaded with different modules and roller containers depending on the operation – quickly and comfortably using the integrated lifting platform with a lifting force of one ton. It can be controlled by hand from the outside or using foot-operated controls or a cable remote control from within the cab. The containers hold the respective special equipment needed on the scene. The loading area provides enough space for three containers or pallets. It can be used, for example, to quickly transport sand bags to the scene of a flood. The loading capacity is also extremely practical for work operations. The entire vehicle is equipped with extensive LED lighting as well as scene lighting over the whole length of the body, which can also be used as manoeuvering lighting.

"Adaptable for each operation"

"For us, the multifunctionality is the highlight of the new vehicle. Thanks to the lifting platform, the different modules and the option to transport pallets, the vehicle can be adapted for each respective operation. We use it in nearly every operation," says Karl Rogenmoser, Commander of the Root Fire Department.
With the new CL-P, the Root Fire Department has found the optimal vehicle to complement and expand its fleet. Thanks to the variable body concept with the tried-and-tested sandwich construction, the CL-P can be equipped for a variety of scenarios and is, therefore, an essential element for managing operations.