Repairs and general overhauls

As good as new again

As a technology leader, it is important to Rosenbauer that fire departments worldwide are ready for operation and that the vehicles and equipment fulfill all necessary requirements for the latest operational scenarios. Only then are they best equipped to save lives, extinguish, rescue, and protect.

Impresses with

  • Service know-how  with original Rosenbauer  technology
  • Competent service technicians
  • Modern workshop infrastructure
  • Worldwide service partner network

General overhaul

A general overhaul from Rosenbauer quickly updates your fire-fighting vehicle with the latest technology. Municipal and initial attack vehicles as well as industrial and air crash tenders can be fitted with the latest fire-fighting equipment. Even individualized suggestions for modernization are possible. All installed modules come from the latest product lines and reflect the best quality.

Turn old into new

Years of demanding use of the equipment leave their mark on the paint and bodywork. Rosenbauer performs a wide range of refurbishment work on your vehicles and equipment. From body module to chassis, Rosenbauer has the best available solutions for all refurbishment needs.

New fixtures for new requirements

Requirements change. Upgrading fixtures on existing vehicles makes it possible to handle new challenges. Here as well, Rosenbauer is your competent partner. Vehicles are routinely retrofitted with new extinguishing and lighting towers, water monitors, mixing systems, or stowage for storage of new equipment. We can handle conversions for you as well. Rosenbauer can reorganize and optimize your stowage systems with rotating compartments, storage for breathing apparatuses, or sliding trays with a more functional arrangement. Lockers can be custom-converted for new equipment.

General overhaul of aerial rescue vehicles

Used as good as new

In the course of a general overhaul, older vehicle types are refurbished all around. When properly maintained, they are ready for many more years of reliable service and fulfill all the requirements of modern fire-fighting scenarios.

The service team has the experience, know-how, and original parts to bring old aerial rescue vehicles back into good working condition. This gives you the opportunity to purchase used vehicles that perform like new, and save money in the process. Even if your vehicles have been in use for many years, they can still be brought up to date.


To ensure the success of this, the vehicle chassis is inspected at the authorized workshop and then updated with major revisions. We also replace key elements on the rescue cage, add practical features, and refurbish any remaining parts that can stay in service. Outrigger and ladder are completely disassembled; hoses, cables and sensors are replaced.

The podium, operating elements, and hydraulic components are also replaced. The pivot mounting is also completely overhauled, hydraulic components are replaced and various parts are repainted. When all is complete, the vehicle is at the latest state of technology and ready for years of continued service. 


It is not uncommon for equipment to get damaged during fire-fighting operations. Rosenbauer's vast service network enables rapid repairs on-site or at one of our many service stations.

  • If possible, our mobile Rosenbauer service technicians  will perform necessary repairs to your fire fighting vehicles and equipment at your location.
  • The modern Rosenbauer workshops are available for more extensive repairs.
  • Furthermore, a large worldwide network of partner workshops ensures comprehensive support. Rosenbauer partners are actively trained and use only Rosenbauer original spare parts.

Information about the Rosenbauer workshops and the Service partner locations can be found under Contacts.

Retrofit solutions

Rosenbauer Customer Service offers retrofit solutions to bring vehicles that have been in service for years up to the state of the art.

Turning Assistant

Every second counts during fire-fighting operations and therefore driver's concentration is of the utmost im-portance. The blind spot on the passenger's side poses a considerable safety risk, especially when driving to an emergency. Almost every week, cyclists and pedestrians are killed or injured in accidents involving trucks. Many vulnerable road users, especially cyclists, are unaware of the blind spot effect, which leads to serious accidents if overlooked by the driver. These sorts of accidents can be avoided with a Turning Assistant.

LED Lighting Upgrades

Especially when deploying in the evening or at night, perfect illumination of the deployment site is essential! Rosenbauer Customer Service has therefore generated LED upgrade packages in order to bring vehicles that have been in service for years up to date with the latest lighting technology. The various lighting packages can be adapted to your individual needs. The efficient Rosenbauer LED systems guarantee the best lighting with minimal energy consumption.

Backup Camera

Particularly stressful situations, tight spaces and the number of people at the scene make it difficult to maneuver vehicles. A remedy here is a high-resolution reversing camera system in accordance with protection class IP 67, which can be retrofitted to all vehicles. The camera is activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged and ensures an optimal overview of the rear area.