RPE Turret

Turret extinguishing systems 

Individual concepts for effective fire protection

Turret extinguishing systems are used where sprinkler and spray water systems offer insufficient protection or could lead to high consequential damage. The extinguishing process is fully automated thanks to the use of turrets in combination with an infrared camera. With turret systems, the extinguishing agent can be utilized in a targeted manner.


Impresses with

  • Precise extinguishing agent deployment
  • Water, powder or CAFS can be used as extinguishing agent
  • Large throw ranges
  • Safely reaching the burning material over large distances
  • Intuitive operation

Areas of application

Turret extinguishing systems offer protection for all types of buildings, objects and materials thanks to their flexibility. 

Building fire protection

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Helicopter landing sites
  • Warehouse halls
  • Waste bunkers
  • Large storage tanks
  • etc.

 Protection of flammable materials

  • Waste
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Wood, wood chips
  • Rubber
  • Flammable liquids
  • etc.


RPE Turret RM15

The RPE Turret RM15 turret is a compact, electronically controlled turret, which is especially suited for operation in tough environments. He is available as a water, foam, or powder turret.

With flow rates of up to 2,000 l/min, the turret achieves throw ranges of over 60 m without any significant drift losses. It is ideal for tight installations thanks to its compact design. Its simple and intuitive operation contributes to its safe control.
The RPE Turret RM15 has been proven hundreds of times in both stationary and mobile operations.

RPE Turret RM35

The RPE Turret RM35 is a compact, electronically controlled turret for protecting storage areas, waste bunkers, airplane hangars, helicopter landing sites etc. He is available as a water or foam monitor, or as a  powder monitor or combined foam/powder monitor (ChemCore).
It achieves high flow rates of up to 4,750 l/min water or water-foam compound mixture (at 10 bar). Also, this turret model impresses with its compact design and very simple and intuitive operation.

RPE Turret RM80

The RPE Turret RM80 too is an electronically controlled turret for protecting storage areas, airplane hangars, helicopter landing sites etc. He is available as a water or foam monitor, or as a  powder monitor or combined foam/powder monitor (ChemCore).
The turret achieves high flow rates of up to 9,500 l/min or water-foaming agent mixture (at 10 bar).

  • These turrets can be connected to an infrared temperature monitoring system. This allows  targeted extinguishing to be carried out when a hot spot is detected.
  • The turrets are equipped with an oscillating function. This means that the turret runs along a rectangle pattern, the size and position of which are freely definable, and as a result enables fully automatic operation for full-coverage extinguishing.

Early fire detection system RPA Infrared Detection Ignis3D

As the world's leading full-service provider of fire-fighting technology, Rosenbauer has developed a system that locates hotspots at an early stage and, above all, with pinpoint accuracy. Automatic cooling of the potential danger zone prevents the outbreak of a fire. The name behind the revolutionary system for your preventive safety:
RPA Infrared Detection Ignis3D.

For the first time, Ignis3D combines an infrared camera for temperature surveillance with a laser for distance measurement. This means that the exact distances to the hotspots can be determined in addition to their spatial direction.

  • Improved alerting due to distance measurement
  • Precise directing of the turret in consideration of water stream ballistics
  • Optimal cooling through distance-independent size of quenched area
  • Exact temperature measurement by taking into account the distance to the hotspot
  • Independent positioning of the camera system and turrets

Optimized extinguishing agent quantity use

If Ignis3D detects an unusual temperature increase caused by a subsurface heat source, it starts cooling precisely where needed. A specially developed software calculates the optimal trajectory of the water jet on the basis of the measured hotspot coordinates for a distanceindependent extinguishing area. The targeted use of extinguishing agent thus ensures far less effort in the follow-up process (e.g. disposal of waste water), for example, in comparison to spray deluge systems.

An infrared camera for temperature measurement is combined with a laser for distance measurement and creates completely new possibilities as an innovative turnkey solution. This combination provides unprecedented precision in temperature measurement. A central server processes the collected data and aligns the turret precisely to the measured 3D coordinates. RPA Infrared Detection Ignis3D convinces with the precise localization and size recognition of hotspots and enables efficient extinguishing agent application and resourcesaving aftercare at the scene.

Avoiding false alarms

The new Rosenbauer object recognition feature can distinguish hotspots from moving and learned hot objects. The object recognition including vehicle recognition ensures that only objects which represent a danger are extinguished. Example: A hot surface of an exhaust system of a truck does not trigger an alarm. A hotspot, which can be even smaller than the exhaust system, triggers the system. RPA Infrared Detection Ignis3D analyzes on the basis of an individual learning phase and thus offers true early fire detection.

CAFS (compressed air foam system)

CAFS (compressed air foam) has superior foam quality and highest extinguishing power with small quantities.

Under the influence of compressed air, a simple water-foam mixture will be mixed in the FLASH CAFS central unit into highly efficient CAF foam. The mixing chamber is protected against environmental influences, thus fire fumes cannot influence foam building.

The air required for foam expansion will be provided by compressed air bottles. In this way the system requires no external energy - it is completely self-sufficient.


CAFS enables fast and safe extinguishing for optimum plant protection.

  • Consistently stable foam qualityFoam sticks to hot surfaces - also vertically
  • Rapid smothering of the flames through oxygen deprivation
  • Deep penetration into the burning material by reducing the surface tension of water
  • Increased safety against back-burning and sustainable cooling through compact CAFS foam structure
  • Lower application rates for efficient fire fighting and limiting water damage
  • Extensive extinguishing agent quantity through active foam expansion to CAFS

Application examples and references

Extinguishing system for a waste sorting plant (storage hall and conveyor belt) of Remondis



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Extinguishing system for the Eurofighter engine test bench



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Extinguishing system for a Spreerecycling waste bunker



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