Firefighting helmets

Safety and comfort for every operation

The HEROS firefighting helmet system is already in use hundreds of thousands of times the world over; it provides the best protection for emergency personnel. With the HEROS Titan, Rosenbauer sets a new standard for maximum safety in firefighting operations and technical rescue. Different models are available certified as per specific international standards such as EN 443, NFPA 1971 and AS/NZS 4067.

Impresses with

  • Highest protection class
  • Optimal wearing comfort
  • Optimal fit


Fire fighting & technical rescue (EN)



Fire helmet technical operation & fire - Rosenbauer

Fire fighting & technical rescue (EN)




Fire fighting & technical rescue (EN)


HEROS Matrix

Fire helmet for forest & technical operations - Rosenbauer

Wildland fire fighting & technical rescue (EN)


The HEROS helmet system. A sophisticated concept.

Comfortable size adjustment from the outside

  • Comfortable head width adjustment mechanism from the outside
  • Easy adjustment with fire fighting gloves is also possible
  • The fit of the helmet can be adjusted at any time to the operational situation

Maximum service life

  • HEROS helmets have maximum durability - no expiration date
  • Outstanding durability
  • Please note: every fire helmet, including internal equipment and accessories, must be inspected before and after use for possible damage

Unique glass fiber reinforced plastic helmet shell

  • Unique helmet shell made of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material
  • For extremely high temperatures
  • Highest resistance and impact resistance
  • Tested for indoor fire attacks and fire containers


The HEROS Titan, HEROS H30 und HEROS Matrix firfighting helmets are characterized by a number of functions. An overview of all features:


Performance characteristicsHEROS TitanHEROS H30HEROS Matrix
EN 443YesYes-
EN 16471, EN 16473YesYesYes
Helmet typeType B/3b
(full shell)
Type A/3b
(3/4 shell)
Type A/3b
(3/4 shell)
Size adjustment from the outsideYesYesYes
Face shield per EN 14458YesYesoptional
Protective goggles per EN 14458optionaloptionaloptional
Neck protectionYesYesoptional
Edge protectionYesYes-
Helmet stripesoptionaloptionaloptional
Helmet crestsoptionaloptionaloptional
Integrated lamp holderYesYesYes
Rear position light-optional-
Lamp holder as accessoryoptionaloptionaloptional
Integrated thermal imaging cameraoptionaloptional-
Integrated mask adapteroptionaloptional-
Helmet radiooptionaloptionaloptional
Leather casingoptionaloptional-
Comfort padding chinstrapYesoptionaloptional



HEROS helmets: Optimal wearing comfort and perfect fit

  • Ergonomic inside design
  • Optimized headband
  • Trapezoidal chinstrap for a secure hold and optimized fit
  • Easy size adjustment mechanism on the outside
  • Fatigue-free wearing
  • Distinctive comfort padding against pressure points
  • Optimal weight distribution

Standard tests

The Rosenbauer firefighter helmets HEROS Titan and HEROS Smart are inspected and tested according to the strictest EN 443:2008 guidelines:

  • Heat radiation test
    Eight minutes radiant heat at 14 kW/m2 (equals approx. 300 °C helmet temperature)
  • Flame ingulfment
    After 10 seconds of full flame impingement at 1,000 °C, the protection function is fully intact. The fire helmet does not exhibit any structural damage and the internal equipment is undamaged. Neither afterflame nor afterglow occur (> 5 seconds) and the test head temperature amounts to only approx. 35 °C.
  • Shock-absorption test
    A ball with a weight of 5 kg strikes the helmet from a height of 2.5 m (under heat conditions of approx. 300 °C)
  • Penetration resistance test
    A pointy object with a weight of 1 kg strikes the helmet from a height of 2 m (under heat conditions of approx. 300 °C)


Helmet radio

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