PPE for Sarajevo

Rosenbauer and its partner have equipped the Professional Fire Brigade Sarajevo with new protective clothing.

"Ispostava Centar" Fire Station: The approximately 200-strong department of the Professional Fire Brigade Sarajevo proudly presents its with new personal protection equipment (PPE). The equipment consists of FIRE MAX 3 jackets and pants as well as TWISTER protective boots, all of the highest quality and protection level. The Fire Brigade Association of the Canton of Sarajevo procured the equipment. The Rosenbauer partner Firing d.o.o. based in Visoko, 35 km northwest of Sarajevo, supervised the procurement with the support of Rosenbauer Slovenia.

Where traditional meets modern

The municipal Fire Brigade of Sarajevo was founded on March 8, 1883, making it the oldest fire department in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Its emergency area includes the capital and several neighboring communities, a total area of 1,276 km2 with around 450,000 residents. The fire brigade is purely a professional fire brigade and operates a fleet of more than 50 emergency vehicles spread over ten fire stations across the entire coverage area. The oldest one is in the Skenderija district and was occupied 105 years ago. It still serves as the main fire station for the professional fire brigade, and from the outside presents itself as an architectural jewel, so much so that it was added to the registry of national monuments in 2008, while the inside shows a modern fire brigade headquarters with increasingly well-equipped emergency services.

Protective clothing made with hightech fibers

The operational clothing of the Professional Fire Brigade Sarajevo is most certainly state-of-the-art. The FIRE MAX 3 protective suit is made of state-of-the-art high-performance fibers that not only protect the wearer from heat and flames, but also provide excellent breathability and high wearing comfort. Specifically, the outer fabric consists of a PBI Matrix (37% polybenzimidazole, 61% para-aramide, 2% Belltron) with very high tear resistance, and a PTFE membrane is worked into the three-ply fabric structure, which transports sweat from the body very quickly to the outside. The FIRE MAX 3 PBI Matrix is one of the lightest protective suits on the market –  the jacket and pants together weigh only about three kilograms (sizes 48 - 50 C) – and it meets the highest levels of protection according to EN 469:2005 in terms of heat transfer, water resistance, and water vapor resistance.

Protective boots with BOA® lacing system

The TWISTER protective boot combines water-repellent, waterproof leather, and Sympatex® membrane to protect against moisture and to provide good breathability.The multi-layered sole construction has a heat and cold insulating effect, making the boot slip-resistant and wear-resistant and, thanks to the steel inlay, also 100% puncture-proof. The TWISTER lacing system is unique. It consists of a coated stainless steel cord and a push rotary knob, which allows the boot to be laced evenly and with high fitting accuracy and to be put on and taken off very quickly. A comfort padding and four flex zones provide optimal comfort and freedom of movement, even when crawling and kneeling.

In use around the world

Personal protective equipment from Rosenbauer is currently used by fire brigades and other organizations worldwide.In addition to protective suits and protective boots, the product range also includes fire gloves and firefighting helmets, including a wide range of accessories. Emergency personnel can wear Rosenbauer gear from head to toe, relying on their PPE for efficient protection and comfort.