Used as good as new

A solution for small budgets: refurbished vehicles

Rosenbauer purchases suitable old and used ladder truck vehicles, fully refurbishes them and offers the completely optimized package at particularly attractive conditions. The customers get used aerials at the level of a new vehicle for a small price. Well maintained and completely refurbished, even older vehicle types provide many years of reliable service and fulfill the requirements of ultra-modern operational scenarios. The refurbishment team of Rosenbauer has restored used ladder trucks back to their best shape for several years. The highly qualified and experienced technicians know every detail, precisely check all parts and deliver a modernized product.

Impresses with

  • Latest technology for old vehicles
  • Modernization and general refurbishment
  • Continuous development of new patented solutions
  • Intensive R & D work
  • Perfect solutions for small budgets

Refurbishment of L32 aerial ladder

The complete renovation of used aerials takes about four months.

  • Removal of rust from the base frame
  • Dismantling the cage and ladder
  • Disassembly of the turret
  • Dismantling the podium
  • Removal of the jacking system and much more.




General refubishment of ladder

  • Complete dismantling of ladder
  • Sand blasting and power-coating
  • New assembly of all elements

Cage renovation

  • New support frame for the cage
  • Renovation of the metal sheets on the chassis - most of the damage is here
  • Bringing it up-to-date, for example, the holders for standard stretchers, turning lugs, etc.

New cover for driver's cab

  • Removal of all parts
  • Re-upholstering the seats
  • Renovation of roof and back wall
  • Replacing the door seals

Jacking system renewal

  • Renovating the outriggers
  • Rebuilding the podium - due to susceptibility to rust it is always replaced
  • Complete renovation of electrics and hydraulics