Compartment shutters

Securely stored

The equipment is safely stored in the fire trucks thanks to Rosenbauer compartment locks. The roller shutters are smooth-running, durable, quiet, easy to use and available in various designs: either as roller shutters for single compartments or for large compartment shutters.

Impresses with

  • Smooth-running compartment shutters
  • Safe storage of the equipment
  • Long service life thanks to low wear and tear

Manual operation

The fire truck roller shutters can be closed manually using the double handle or barlock. The shutter handles are designed to be compact and thereby reduce the overall body width.


Electrical operation

The electrical operation of large compartment shutters enables rapid simultaneous opening of all compartments at the push of a button. Either from outside or centrally from the driver's cab. The shutters can be opened that quickly. If the vehicle is parked and off-duty, the entire body closes automatically and the equipment is safe from theft.