Mission statement

A reliable partner to the fire services

Our claim
We rank as the world no.1 in the field of fire and disaster protection, and secure this leadership in all our business areas through our familiar strengths, which are comprised by customer orientation, innovativeness and reliability. We also systematically increase the value of our group by means of the efficiency and thrift endemic to our activities.

Our customers
Our customers know us as a reliable partner. We respond to their individual needs and meet their requirements with innovative products and services. Moreover, continuous development within the Rosenbauer Group results in premium quality, the very latest technologies and a high degree of problem-solving competence, which furnish our clientele with clear advantages.

Our employees
Our workforce is highly motivated and is valued for its commitment. We cultivate a culture of mutual esteem and on all levels treat one another with trust and respect. For us, health and work safety constitute top priorities.

Our innovations
We seek to enthuse our customers through unique user technologies and services. Accordingly, the products and service portfolio offered under the Rosenbauer brand name are the object of continual further development using the latest production plant and innovative know-how.

Our Quality
Quality is our distinguishing feature and forms the foundation of our market leadership. We regularly evaluate our management systems, leadership principles and organizational structure, and undertake systematic investments in the further training of both our management and staff.

Our commitment to sustainability
In the spirit of a family-owned enterprise, we actively fulfill our responsibilities with regard to the securing of a successful, long-term future. Therefore, for us a conservationist approach to natural resources, which incorporates the employment of new technologies, as well as adherence to all legal statutes represent a matter of course. 
Our Code of Conduct defines basic principles of behavior, which are binding upon all Rosenbauer Group personnel. Furthermore, it is our intention to achieve a balance between the interests of our shareholders, our employees and the environment.