Made for old towns

L32A-XS for the Ljubljana professional fire department

Ljubljana (known as Laibach in Germany), is not only the capital of Slovenia, but also a cultural center of Southeastern Europe. Modern large buildings as well as a picturesque old town with narrow alleys, small bridges, and angular buildings of past centuries bear witness to this. This is a special challenge for the emergency personnel of the city's professional fire department. When purchasing a new turntable ladder, they therefore opted for the L32A-XS from Rosenbauer.

Ninth Vehicle from Rosenbauer

The metropolis with almost 300,000 residents has 35 volunteer fire departments and one professional fire department. It is also the largest in the country and has 128 firefighters working in four shifts to provide fire-fighting and rescue services.

The Ljubljana fleet consists of 27 vehicles: 4 fire trucks, 4 technical rescue vehicles, 4 tankers, 3 turntable ladders, 2 command vehicles, 5 personnel carriers, 4 logistics vehicles, and one vehicle for dangerous goods operations.

All vehicles essential for firefighting were supplied by Rosenbauer, including two turntable ladders. The Rosenbauer L32A-XS on an Atego chassis is currently the ninth vehicle with an 'R' in the fleet of the Ljubljana professional fire department.

Compact, Agile, and Lightweight

As already mentioned, the requirements for firefighting vehicles in a city like Ljubljana are very special, just because of the density of the buildings and the architectural heritage. Due to the narrow streets, the city center is even closed to traffic. A turntable ladder must therefore be compact and have very good manoeuvrability. Despite its maximum height of 32 m, the L32A-XS has exactly these characteristics. Since the last section of the ladder set can be angled, the rescue cage can still be positioned very precisely or set down in front of the vehicle if required, even in very tight spaces.

In addition, the L32A-XS allows a maximum radius of over 23 m thanks to its stable yet weight-saving design. Thus, horizontal applications over a greater distance are also possible without the risk of tipping over.

Best Offer, Best Values

In comparison with its competitors, Rosenbauer was able to present the best offer. With a total height of less than 326 cm, the submitted vehicle was the lowest and, with a set-up time of 68 seconds, the quickest to get ready for use. The trust placed in Rosenbauer by the customer, who also purchased other equipment from Rosenbauer in addition to the vehicles, has therefore been confirmed.

So far, the new turntable ladder has shown its worth in many training missions, but also in real rescue operations: the turntable ladder is deployed to every emergency and is therefore used almost daily. Despite the constant demand, it works absolutely flawlessly, and the Ljubljana fire department is very satisfied with it.