mai 27, 2020

Everything for that moment.

Rosenbauer's new guiding principle

Everything for that moment - Rosenbauer's new guiding principle

"Everything for that moment"- this new slogan accompanies our way into the future. A guiding idea that in many ways captures what Rosenbauer is all about.

When time seems to stand still and the smallest detail suddenly makes all the difference. When that crucial moment for firefighters and emergency services personnel comes, humans and technology work together seamlessly and every second counts.

At Rosenbauer, we understand that moment. We give everything for the moment that matters. With 150 years of experience as a pioneer and partner for emergency personnel, we offer the right solutions for every challenge in firefighting and disaster services. Because we know what really counts, when the time comes. This is precisely why we are focusing our new campaign on the decisive moment of the operation: we use eye-catching subjects to show how our firefighters and emergency services personnel leave everyday life behind and how time seems to freeze.

The campaign will be rolled out cross-media. More about this at: