The perfect addition for your fire fighting.

If an existing fire fighting vehicle with a built-in pump and foam proportioning system is to be supplemented with the powerful CAFS firefighting equipment, then CAFS MOBILE is the best system for your fire fighting vehicle.

Impresses with

  • Powerful CAFS firefighting equipment
  • Ease of use
  • Safe application

Uncomplicated retrofitting

  • Easy to retrofit due to functionality being independent of external energy sources (engine or power unit) and technical systems (built-in pump, foam proportioning system, or compressor) and due to low space requirement

User-friendly operation

  • Quick and easy to put into operation by coupling the hoses, turning open the compressed air bottle valve, and opening the shut-off elements
  • Manual adjustment of the proportioning ratio between wet and dry CAF foam

Wide range of applications

  • Suitable for direct fire fighting of solid and liquuid fires as well as for preventative protection of objects at risk of fire through the application of CAF foam

Easy to use

  • Simple extinguishing procedure that saves extinguishing agent due to the CAF foam sticking to the flammable object and evaporationg on the still hot surface

Large action radius

  • Excellent discharge distance and height due to the hoses filled with CAF foam
  • Large safety distance between operator and flammable object as well as fire fighting of fire in inaccessible places due to the excellent throw range and throw height of the CAF foam
  • Highest mobility for the nozzle operator due to the hoses being filled with CAF foam, making them especially light

Excellent extinguishing performance

  • Fast extinguishing result as well as excellent burn-back safety through extensive and highly efficient effect of the CAF foam
  • Minimum fire damage through immediate suppression of the flames as well as low water damage through complete evaporation of the water bound in the CAF foam
  • Better extinguishing agent capacity for same volume of water due to active foam expansion

User-friendly maintenance

  • User-friendly commissioning by filling the compressed air bottles via the external filling connector