Small airport - big on safety

With around 7000 flights per year, the Hof-Plauen Airport in Bavaria is one of the smallest airports in Germany. In terms of safety, however, no compromises were made - quite to the contrary: A new BUFFALO 6500/500 has recently been put into service, which can be used for the most varied of operations thanks to the optimum equipment.


The airport is only a few kilometers from Hof an der Saale on the former East German border, embedded in the landscape between Frankenwald and the Fichtel mountains. It is used mainly for industrial and business travel, but also for private air traffic. The airport fire department with its ten firefighters ensures safety, and on average they have to tackle around 20 operations per year. The new BUFFALO 6x6 is perfectly equipped to deal with problems such as landing gear or other technical problems during approach, the binding of leaking operating fluids, as well as large and difficult operational scenarios such as fires.


Compliant with standards and tailor-made

Since the beginning of this year, the new BUFFALO 6500/500 has been available to the airport fire department for various operations. The vehicle not only complies with all the necessary international and national standards, but also with the special wishes of the fire department. One important point was to keep the vehicle height as low as possible, without having to comprise in terms of performance. In addition to the safety of passengers and staff, this also ensures that the corresponding aircraft types can take off and land at Hof-Plauen Airport. 


3 in 1: water, foam and dry powder unit

The vehicle is built on a Mercedes-Benz Zetros with a 326-hp engine output, which in combination with the 6x6 drive offers an appealing driving performance. A powerful extinguishing system can be relied upon for firefighting operations: The N35 normal pressure pump delivers 3,500 l at 10 bar and supplies the RM25C   roof and the RM15C bumper turret. In addition to the FIXMIX foam proportioning system, the BUFFALO is also equipped with a 500 kg dry powder unit. Its tanks have space for 6,000 l of water or 500 l of foam compound.


The additional equipment is also impressive for a vehicle operating at this relatively small airport: The pneumatically extendable FLEXILIGHT light mast provides the appropriate lighting for night operations, while the powerful cable winch provides assistance for rescue operations. Moreover, the BUFFALO has ground sweep nozzles and a hygiene wall with a compressed air gun. 


Highest quality meets easy operation

The people in charge of the airport fire department are completely satisfied with the new aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle, says René Feiler of the airport fire department: "The new BUFFALO 6x6 not only meets all the requirements for ensuring safety in its area of operation, but also impresses with its high quality manufacturing and its easy and straightforward operation."