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août 30, 2023

Service All-IN

Worth knowing
The peace of mind package for your vehicle fleet and equipment
Uncomplicated retrofitting of power generators

Light mast maintenance

Practical tip
Simple tips for independent maintenance

Aerial rescue service in Austria

Worth knowing
RBÖ assumes service responsibility for aerial rescue equipment throughout Austria
juin 7, 2023
Kai Oberhoff and Alexander Künzner in interview
Conversion of a rescue cage into a multifunctional column
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AT Upgrading

Worth knowing
Tried and tested again at the cutting edge of technology
mars 1, 2023

Rosenbauer Simulators

Worth knowing
Maximum service with minimum risk
Care and maintenance tips
Practical and methodical courses
Valid with 01.01.2023

RCS Warranty Extension

Worth knowing
For reliable planning
novembre 3, 2022

How to do it right

Worth knowing
Annual service and maintenance procedures of firefighting vehicles

Actiontower Retrofit

Practical insight
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Switch to fluorine-free foam compound now
Preparation of vehicles and equipment for the cold season
Simulator Center "Phenix" as a training system 4.0
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