The Protection Covers protect victims and rescuers against injury that might be caused by sharp edges arising from the use of hydraulic cutters.

  • Protection hoods: One each will be put over A- or B-post stump after the roof removal. When fixed with the integrated tightening strap the hoods will safely remain in the intended position in any case
  • Protection blankets: Can be used to cover long sharp edges all around the vehicle, e. g. in the roof area. Fitted with powerful sewed-in magnets they can easily be attached to any metal part of the vehicle

Set consists of:

Dimensions: Weight: Numbers: 
2 x Protection hoods, 350 x 300 mm, 0,135 kg
1 x Protection hood, 650 x 650 mm,  0,53 kg
1 x Protection hood, 1650 x 650 mm, 1,05 kg

Packing: The system comes in a water-repellent nylon carry bag.
Weight of complete set: 1.9 kg




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