The SC 250 M combination tool with built-in hand pump is the affordable entry point for rescue work. It is completely self-sufficient - without power unit, hose or cable. It is instantly ready for use, it can cut and spread without modifications, and is especially suited to rescues in areas at risk of explosion (no sparks), in rough terrain and to equip rescue helicopters or emergency technical assistance units.


  • Tool can be rotated through 360° - always in the optimum working position
  • Independent of external power sources
  • Light and easy to handle - fits in any car or even on motorcycles
  • Integrated hand pump with low leverage due to automatic switching from low-pressure to high-pressure range

Technical Data:

  • Cutting force up to: 261 kN
  • Round steel up to: 26 mm
  • Spreading force up to: 405 kN
  • Spreading distance: 308 mm
  • NFPA-Classes: A6/B6/C6/D7/E7
  • EN-Class: F
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 850 x 190 x 158 mm
  • Weight without battery or power supply: 11.9 kg

With eDRAULIC tools we do not deliver power supply. Please order power supply and/or battery with charger separately.

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