New aerial rescue fleet: Scotland is placing its trust in Rosenbauer

With a total of ten new hydraulic platforms and a turntable ladder, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is strengthening its fleet by 2019. And they are putting their complete trust in Rosenbauer's firefighting equipment. Not only are they significantly beefing up their operational capacities with this purchase, but they are also updating their operational technology to the state of the art.


The first batch of the new vehicles was recently handed over in the capital of Edinburgh: four type B32 hydraulic platforms and an L32A-XS turntable ladder are now already in operation. The remaining six vehicles will be delivered over several years up to 2019 based upon the procurement arrangement.

Tried and tested modern firefighting technology

With the B32 hydraulic platform, the Scottish fire services have chosen a very versatile vehicle. It demonstrates its strengths both in extinguishing and rescue operations as well as in work assignments and technical operations. Not only can the cage reach rescue heights of up to 30.3 meters (32 meter working height) with the three-part telescopic main arm, but it can also be used for underground operations. Even accident vehicles can be recovered with the B32, and lifting up to 2,200 kg is possible. What is remarkable is the rapid setup time: In just 90 seconds all the jacks are extended and the ladder stretches to its full reach.

Extinguish and rescue from the cage

The rescue cage with a live load of 600 kg can accommodate up to five people. It is designed so that as many people as possible can be rescued within a short space of time. To achieve this, the front can be folded down to create barrier-free access. This is especially advantageous when rescuing people in wheelchairs or injured persons. Wheelchairs and stretchers can also be firmly anchored to the cage floor for extra safety.


For extinguishing operations, the rescue cage of the B32 is equipped with a telescopic waterway and a turret. This can also be operated via remote control. The power riser can be used for the most diverse of operational applications.

Safe and precise operation

Ease of use and maximum operating comfort are of primary importance to Rosenbauer for all its products. The B32 can also be safely and precisely operated in any situation. A range of measuring sensors which constantly monitor all relevant parameters make sure of this, among other things. The jacking width, the cage load, and the forces acting on the main arm are permanently recorded. These parameters flow into the calculation of the permissible horizontal reach in any given situation.


The cage is controlled via joysticks and color displays, providing the operator with a continuous overview of all important data. Important info such as residual arm length, horizontal reach, or loading options are displayed at all times.

L32A-XS for Edinburgh

The L32A-XS has been procured especially for operation in the Scottish capital, where it can demonstrate its strengths perfectly in the inner city. With the inclined cage boom and the special joint in the ladder set, much less space is required for set-up and alignment compared to conventional turntable ladders. Protruding bay windows or recessed dormers can also be reached more easily thanks to the special construction. The operating philosophy is the same as that of the B32 – anyone who can handle one vehicle can also operate the other.


The combination of tested, modern technology, simple operation, high performance strengths, and versatile usage possibilities characterize the aerial rescue vehicles from Rosenbauer. These advantages also played a crucial roles for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in explanding their fleet.