Extinguishing systems for universal use.

The RFC POLY Skid represent a complete series that is available in several variants and can be deployed in a variety of ways. The modules can be placed on mobile equipment carriers, mounted on pull-outs, or can alternatively be permanently installed in vehicles. This makes them ideal for both stationary fire protection and integration into fire engines. The RFC POLY Skid are available in five different sizes. The extinguishing agent containers hold between 50 and 300 litres of water, which means that operating times of up to eight minutes can be achieved.

Impresses with

  • Powerful CAFS firefighting equipment
  • Unique functionality
  • Numerous available options

Fully-fledged extinguishing systems

With the RFC POLY Skid SL200 and SL300, compressed air foam is applied in the same way as with all other POLY extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer, but fire fighting can also be carried out with a water/foam mixture or pure water. They are therefore fully-fledged extinguishing systems and can be used universally. For example, they can also be used in areas where, for environmental reasons, no foaming agent may be used or where the use of compressed air foam does not lead to the desired extinguishing success.


Advantages of the RFC POLY Skid

  • Universally applicable compact systems
  • Extinguishing also with water-foaming agent mixture and water
  • Hose radius: 40 m
  • Throw distance/height: 16 m / 10 m
  • Flow rate: 38 l/min
  • Operating time: up to eight minutes