First extinguishing system in the Kingdom

For the first time in the history of the company, Rosenbauer Fire Protection has delivered an extinguishing system to the United Kingdom. A  stationary extinguishing system from Rosenbauer now protects man and machine at Grundon, one of the largest recycling companies in Great Britain. The medium-sized  family-owned company from Oxfordshire-London is recognized in the recycling industry as a pioneer for modern solutions. Located in Colnbrook near Heathrow International Airport, they operate a large plant that processes and prepares paper, cardboard, metal and plastics such as polyethylene (PET) and polypropylene (PP). The materials are highly flammable. Rosenbauer Fire Protection developed a stationary  end-to-end solution to deal with this high fire load.

Preventing fires before they start

Many of the materials collected by waste management for recycling are highly susceptible to spontaneous combustion. Which makes the hall at the Grundon Colnbrook location used for handling and processing an especially sensitive area. In order to prevent emergencies before they even start, Rosenbauer Fire Protection developed a complete solution that protects the MRF (materials recovery facility). At the heart of this Rosenbauer Fire Protection solution is the combination of an infrared detection system and an RM15 turret extinguishing system with foam proportioning. When a defined temperature increase activates the system, the detected hotspot is cooled with the water/foam mixture for two minutes in order to prevent a fire from breaking out. The sorting bunkers into which hand-sorted recycling material is thrown from above are then monitored once more.

Effective protection around the clock

In 24/7 operation, the delivery area and sections of processing are monitored continuously. This protects Grundon against operational interruptions caused by fires and improves the overall safety at the company. The stationary fire protection system from Rosenbauer also helps to fulfil the rules of the “Guidance, Fire Prevention Plan” from the “Environmental Agency,” which mandates regular temperature monitoring for such operations in the recycling management industry.

Intelligent solutions – smooth operations

The initiation, planning and construction phase lasted about two and a half years. The system was then installed in just 13 days by Rosenbauer technicians. To be able to quickly install the system on-site, Rosenbauer completely pre-assembled the container for the required equipment (pump, zone valves and e-equipment with FAS) at Plant II in Leonding, Austria.

Space-optimized concept

Due to a nationwide water shortage for industrial zones, supplying water to the system was an additional challenge. Rosenbauer solved the problem by using an adapted container that holds up to 28,000 liters of H2O. This solution appealed to Grundon, because it was now possible to stack two containers together and thus save precious space on the factory premises.

Today, the innovative fire protection system at Grundon is also a reference project for other companies in the United Kingdom wishing to establish or expand upon their own stationary fire protection. Sight visits to see the system in action in Colnbrook can be arranged through Rosenbauer.