Full pumping performance from the Get-go

Eight PANTHER 8x8 for Munich Airport

With over 48 million passengers served and well over 400,000 take-offs and landings in 2019, Munich Airport is one of the most important hubs for air traffic in Europe, and will become even more so in the future due to the possible addition of an extra runway. The airport's footprint is correspondingly large, which, in turn, means that it requires a powerful fleet of firefighting vehicles. They must be able to arrive at the scene quickly and able to fight fires effectively in the event of an emergency. The Rosenbauer PANTHER was therefore an obvious choice.

Safety first

In addition to observing the standards and legal requirements, the airport in the Bavarian capital places particular emphasis on driving performance and safety. The twin-engine PANTHER 8x8 was chosen for this reason, which is provided with 1,450 hp by its two engines for very fast acceleration (from 0 to 80 km/h in under 25 seconds), and which is able to discharge its extinguishing agent at full pump capacity of 10,000 l/min while driving. There was even an additional engine fitted for the customers in Munich. This means that two Euro 6 diesel units, each with 725 hp, provide propulsion, with a separate engine driving the N100 + H5 pump. This guarantees full driving performance and simultaneous full pumping performance - right from the get-go.

Active and passive driving safety

However, superior engine performance alone is not enough to quickly arrive at the scene of the emergency. The route to a fire is rarely a straight line, which means that reliable braking and steering of the vehicle also plays a significant role - especially when the vehicle weighs over 50 tons. In short: only agility and stability across all driving scenarios allow a powerful vehicle to be a fast and safe one.

The Rosenbauer PANTHER 8x8 is equipped with an electronic braking system (EBS) that ensures shorter response times and thus a shorter braking distance and also reduces wear resulting from load-dependent brake distribution. The electronic stability control (ESC) detects critical driving situations, applies the brake to individual wheels if necessary, and can also reduce the engine torque. This prevents the vehicle from tipping over and stabilizes it during, e.g., cornering at high speeds or evasive maneuvers.

Alongside these components of active driving safety, measures were also taken to increase the passive safety of the PANTHER. The cabin is designed to be crash-proof and has excellent all-round visibility in order to allow potential obstacles to be identified as early as possible.

Full LED technology

LED lighting technology is used exclusively for all vehicles for Munich Airport. Even the headlights are fitted with LED bulbs. This ensures particularly bright illumination, both while driving and when on scene.

Additional features of the PANTHER 8x8 that will be in operation in Bavaria include a 12,500-liter water tank, two foam tanks with a volume of 750 liters each, and a powder extinguishing system with a storage capacity of 500 kg. A STINGER 66 extinguishing arm with a maximum working height of 20 m and an RM65 monitor are also fitted. In addition, an RM15 provides increased extinguishing capacity at the front of the vehicle.

8 PANTHER by 2025

A contract for eight PANTHER 8x8s has been signed with Munich Airport. Three vehicles have already been delivered in 2019, while copy number four is on its way to Munich this year. Following these, four more PANTHERs with the exact same configuration can be ordered by the customer before 2025, thus ensuring the uniformity of the fleet.