Standalone, quick and efficient firefighting with the POLY SKID SL200 extinguishing systems

One key goal of Dubai Civil Defense, the umbrella organization of emergency services in Dubai: To make the United Arab Emirates one of the safest countries in the world. The organization relies on efficient and modern technology from Rosenbauer: for example the POLY SKID SL200 extinguishing system, which forms a part of the payload of eleven new rapid attack vehicles.

Getting to the scene of the operation as swiftly as possible, starting extinguishing as quickly as possible, and ideally containing or extinguishing the fire as rapidly as possible: This is the purpose of so-called Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV). This requires these primarily small and maneuverable vehicles to be equipped with the optimal technical equipment.

Extinguishing system on pick-ups

Dubai Civil Defense uses the POLY SKID SL200 extinguishing system from Rosenbauer to equip its eleven GMC Sierra pick-ups. This CAFS extinguishing system impresses through its compact design, high extinguishing agent capacity, and universal applicability. The system works completely independently of external energy sources and is therefore ready for use at any time and anywhere.

The excellent extinguishing performance is another argument that helped the POLY SKID extinguishing system from Rosenbauer win over Dubai Civil Defense. The CAF foam impresses with its efficient and effective operation, guaranteeing rapid extinguishing success and excellent burn-back safety. The CAF foam simply sticks to the surface of the fire where it is able to develop its full extinguishing effect through the evaporation of the water contained in the foam. Direct fire fighting of solid and liquid fires is equally possible, as well as the preventive protection of facilities deemed at risk.

Simple handling for greater safety

The use of CAFS extinguishing technology also brings with it other advantages. This includes, for example, the simple start-up of the POLY SKID extinguishing system: all you need to do is open the compressed air cylinder valve, and the CAFS jet pipe can be initiated. The large operational radius with throw ranges of up to 16 meters ensures that a safe distance from the source of the fire can be maintained.

User and environmentally friendly

Another positive: the POLY SKID SL200 extinguishing system requires minimum maintenance. Due to the use of a separate foam cartridge there is no need to keep track of the mixing ratios, and maintenance outlays are further reduced by a longer replacement interval compared to pre-prepared water/foam mixtures. The extinguishing system can also be operated using environmentally friendly, fluorine-free foaming agents.

The rapid attack vehicles will be used primarily as first responders for small fires and vehicle fires by Dubai Civil Defense. The RIVs will also provide appropriate fire protection at the exhibition center of the World Expo in October 2020. With the POLY SKID SL200 extinguishing system, they will be well-equipped to intervene quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency.